Sunday, 6 August 2017

Christmas, Girl Stuff and something for the dogs

It was going to be a productive week, all the orders were delivered on time and well received. Did have a slight hiccup on Monday with MyHermes via Parcel2Go. Their system was down so they had nothing to collect or deliver, the couriers were not happy. All sorted on Tuesday though.

Makes this week, been a bit varied and started off with some Doggie doo bags, I made one for Shiloh ages ago otherwise would have my pockets stuffed full of scoop bags. Shown here in white paw print fabric. Have the black ready to go but then realised did not have black stitch 'n' tear, ordered and received on Friday. Then ran out of the green thread, ordered and now waiting.

Girl Stuff - a cute purse for young girls, made the first one in existing fabric but felt not quite modern enough ordered some more fabric quarters but only received yesterday so you will have to wait to see the rest until next week.

Liberty bracelets - Now I love Liberty fabric and can always remember going into this fantastic shop when young for Mother to buy lengths of Liberty lawn to make me summer dresses. So I have grown up with Liberty and wanted to use in some of my current work. The ribbons suit wrap bracelets with charms, loved making these and with silver plated charms affordable at £5. Still have a load more to do but getting there.

Have some Liberty fabric off cuts which hopefully will be added to another project planned next week.

Not forgetting the Christmas element but a fun snowman tree ornament, still have some more to make and the Santa's, yet again I did not have any flesh coloured felt. Ordered some stating a flesh colour when it arrived looked more like a cheap tan out of a bottle, so not appropriate for Santa's face. Now ordered some pastel pink. Again hoping these go down well at my events later in the year.

As you can see while I have been busy had a lot of stops and starts, mainly due to the fact that I did not check I had everything I needed in advance. Been at this crafting malarky for about 35 years and you would have thought I had learned by now, lol

Still do do this coming week:

4 black doggie bags
5 Snowman
6 Santa's
8 Angels
5 Girl Stuff bags
More Liberty bracelets
New project just thought of after seeing the Liberty remnants

Now the question is will I get it all done?

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Have a good week 


  1. So organised as always!I love the bracelets :).

    1. Thank you for stopping by Teodora, have a great week x

  2. Constantly busy busy Caroline!
    I love the bracelets, using even tiny bits of precious fabric is such a nice idea. I love Liberty Tana Lawn, such a great fabric to work with.

  3. Oh my goodness I love those bracelets!! I adore liberty, and they are absolutely perfect to make out of those scraps. All your sewing is so pretty, I love the little purse.


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