Sunday, 25 June 2017

Too Hot!!!!!

I know us Brits are never happier than moaning about the weather, too cold or as in the case of the last week too hot. Reached the heady heights of 34 on our patio and the house was not much better. Windows flung open from early morning and all night. No relief and sleep was hard to succumb to. Thursday the thunder storms should have arrived but did not although cooler temperatures, bliss. Perhaps this is why I love Spring the best as you get warm sunshine but a gentle breeze and the temperature rarely goes above 28.

Not much sewing done as too hot in my sewing room, did do some brainstorming of all the items I want to make. Ordered some brilliant project planners from Etsy, Crossbow Printables they are fantastic, load of other printables in Jordan's shop. Then realised did not have a folder they fitted and another order goes in along with some dividers. As many of you know I have a love affair with notebooks but needed something that I could move pages around, sort into sections etc. Will let you know how I get on.

Onto crafting managed to make quite a bit before the heat wave and only just got around to photographing and adding to my website.

Queen Bee Collection

Large make up bag

Clutch frame bag

Sticky note covers


Key Fobs

On a different note some delicious lavender filled heart sachets

Off to finish another knitted bodice baby dress, only one more planned this time in a magenta. Hope to have a photo of the lilac one next week.

Enjoy the summer

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  1. Lucky you, I was sweating over my daughters prom skirt in the afternoon heat :D Partly sweating from heat, and partly because I can't sew too well, hah. It's cooler now isn't it, thankfully ... so time to complain about the rain.


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