Sunday, 11 June 2017

My mojo is back

Following from my despondent post last week about when to give up, have sprung back, my mojo decided time to return from holiday, hope it was somewhere warm. Okay did not start making until Friday for some items but got there in the end.

Another knitted bodice baby dress, two more balls of wool ordered in a light magenta and lilac. Have just the fabric for the skirts.

Continuing the Queen Bee collection this time some tissue cases

and a couple of  small make up bags.

Looking at the weather widget looks as if going to be a good week with the temperature getting as high as 25. I expect at that point we will all be wilting and wishing for a cool breeze. Us Brits and our weather, lol.

Have a good week

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  1. That baby dress is just lovely, as as usual your embroidery is exquisite.
    I'm sorry to read about your despondent moment but pleased to hear your are back on form now. 'Makers gotta make' and all that!


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