Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Knowing when enough is enough

This is the title of a fantastic blog I have just read by Patricia  , the full blog can be found by joining Women Only Connected, then follow this link. Joining WoC is free and well worth it if you are a business or just want to interact with other women.

I won't ruin your read but after reading the 2 sections titled 'When to Stay With it' and 'When to Go and Try Something Else' some of the questions in the latter section rang a few bells for me. One being: 

  • You have tried “everything” and it’s just not working

I think we have all been at this point at one time or another and sat back and thought 'why bother'. I often ask myself this and do wonder, the problem is I have a passion to create, yes I take a 'holiday' and do things for myself, read catch up on some box sets but keep getting drawn back to my machines and needles. Something in me keeps me going even though my sales do not. 

I am lucky that I do not rely on my makes to live but that does not change the fact that I would like to sell more. See some reports of Etsy sellers having sales of £100's a week, look at their shops and think why? others that like me have no sales again check out their shops and cannot see why not. Maybe I like things others do not but how do you know what people want?
Are people really selling or is it just to make them feel better.
Is it pricing, too high too low?
So many questions and every answer you look at is different. 

We are in funny times and maybe by Friday things will be clearer (or not) depending which way the votes go.

Come to the conclusion very true that 'nowt so queer as folk'. We are all different, all like different things which is good and I know that some where out there are my customers, who have not found me yet. So for me I will keep plugging on, still making things to sell as I love what I do.

On an aside my fur baby was 6 on of all days 'D' day, he has grown so much and these years have just zipped past.

The sun is out maybe a spot of gardening, have fun

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