Sunday, 29 June 2014

Afternoon Tea and Country Kitchen

A week of sunshine and showers which adds up to plenty of time to stitch. A few additions for the Afternoon Tea Collection:

Teacup Apron

Something about teacups and this vibrant fabric has made a very summery waist apron.

Teapot Angels

Our teapots all need an angel as these are so pretty hugging a blue teapot, keeping this delicious brew safe.

Not to be outdone another addition to the Country Kitchen Collection these delightful simple stitched designs onto a white waffle fabric encased in a wooden hop wrapped with gingham binding.

That is all for this week, off to mow the grass again! this weather of sunshine and showers convinced grows a couple of inches a day.


  1. love the teapot angels!!!!!!! they like the guardians of tea lol brill! :)

  2. They are beautiful as always, I think the hoops are my favourites.


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