Sunday, 1 June 2014

Back to normal

Okay all back to normal in Hampshire, my machine is back from it's service and was missed but did enable me to to the dreaded housework, which I hate with a passion would much rather be creative.

Button Lavender Sachets

 Something so summery about the scent of lavender and hopefully these sachets will keep that memory when the sun has fded. Fun to do and the crystal flower button just finishes them of to perfection. Currently made in 3 pattern ways of hearts, lavender flowers and afternoon tea.

Flower Girl Gift Card

These cards compliment the flower girl notepad covers and would make a perfect gift, simple but so pretty.

Bird House Door Pillow

I love bird houses and thought this polka dot with a gingham bird fitted the bill perfectly.

Looking out the window is summer finally here? beautiful blue sky, not a cloud in sight and  happy yellow face in the sky. Whilst not a lover of intense heat think a balmy 75 is just about right with a light breeze to cool you down, that and a glass of pins with strawberries and mint delicious.

Sew, sew happy


  1. lovely makes :) glad your machine is back! x

    1. Thank you for taking the time to visit and comment, much appreciated


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