Sunday, 28 October 2012

Handmade Monday No. 90

Only 6 days until my first event,  I know I have mentioned this so many times but have pushed the boat out this year for this one. Have sourced and followed Dixie's ruling of the right sort of customer for handmade, consequently have been very fussy and only booked the 2 events. Rents are more expensive but needs must to take my business to the next level, think I had been too content with the 'village hall' type of fairs for too long. Probably because they were safe and  knew all the people but no more I am a professional and as such must look for professional high quality and the right sort of people. Will take pic's of not only my new dressed stall but hopefully of the event it self and more details on the venue. Just hope being the needlework archive I am not distracted by all the vintage goodies stored for reference.

Designed my own labels 2 circles one with my logo etc and the other which can be removed for my reference of what has sold with the price. Happy with them the main problem was finding suitable string/thread as ties, settled on a fine crochet cotton.

Final makes, well should be:

Keep Calm Door Pillow

This came about as a contact on FB asked for details of the large pillows as the crown is their logo, not wanting to do the full thing without an order thought this would show
as an example of what can be done.

Gingerbread People

Made in the hoop just added the ribbon to the top for hanging, a bowl full of gingerbread people

Christmas Stockings

Finally the Christmas Stockings in white and cream fleece, fully lined and stitched in one colour thread felt this made more grown up and elegant.

Next week apart from stitching some Christmas cards will spend the time pricing and doing a stock list, loading up the car on Friday for a 7am start on Saturday, hope to take some pic's of the day.

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  1. Good luck with the fair! I love the gingerbread people, but I can see the stockings being popular!

  2. Best of luck at the event. I'm sure you'll be a great success as your makes look so professional, but it's always a bit stressful getting ready beforehand, isn't it? I love the Christmas stockings, especially in the black and white.

    Have a great week,
    Alison x

  3. You can probably guess my favourite of your makes- those gorgeous little gingerbread men! Good luck with your events- look forward to hearing of your success!

  4. I love the gingerbread men and the stockings are stunning. Lovly to see something grown up and Christmassy for a change.

  5. How exciting. I hope your do really well with targeting a new band of customers. Handmade is really underated, with people wanting things for next to nothing. Those little gingerbread men look adorable, they made me smile!

  6. i loooooooove your gingerbread people! so cute and perfect for hanging on the tree :)

    sounds like a good idea to be more selective about events... good luck taking your fabulous crafting to the next level! x

  7. All the best for your fair - hope the investment to a higher priced stall will pay off for you. lovely makes!

  8. Good luck with your fairs. I have found it quite hard to find fairs I can afford to do this year.

  9. Your work is beautiful. I'm sure you'll sell lots

  10. Loving the gingerbread men, hope you sell loads!

  11. Those stockings are just beautiful. All your work has such a quality look about it i'm sure you'll go down a storm at the craft fair but good luck anyway. x

  12. I love the bowl of gingerbread men and the hanging cushion, very pretty. Good luck with the craft fair. Looking at all your lovely crafts I'm sure they'll sell well.
    Ali x

  13. Good luck with your fairs. I really like the simple but beautiful stockings. Very sophisticated.

  14. Hope your event goes well - I am sure the ginger bread men will be very popular. How did you get on at the Fabulous women event?

  15. ha ha, Keep calm it's Christmas...I love it!


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