Sunday, 21 October 2012

Handmade Monday No. 89

Back to Birthday's this week. My dear friend in Gloucester loves cats so had to use this theme the card pretty and delicate and ho could not loves this cute kitten

The gift, well she also has a sense of humour and thought these stripey cats on raw silk where fun, the back has a button enclosure with the skeletons of fish embroidery, fully lined with cream cotton.

Sent off early, then she emails the day after to say swanning off to Turkey near the Syrian border of all places, just hope arrives safely. PS. got a phone call to say back from holiday and parcel collected and now opened, she loves the gift and the best thing anyone could say to a crafter is "I love you making gifts for me" makes it all worth while.

Back to Christmas and only 9 weeks away am sure time goes quicker the nearer we get. To top it all only 12 days until my first event at the Needlework Archive near Newbury. Next week I am stopping making and starting to price, something that I should have done as I go along but selling online you tend to forget about fairs and the need for pricing labels. Anyway makes for last week:

Candle wraps

In natural linen with Nordic designs on the front of the wraps.

Off to my first meeting with the Fabulous Women in Farnham on Thursday, looking forward to it as the first ever meeting in Farnham. Only bit always wary abuot is the minute talk each of us has to do, hate this bit as not into public speaking and used to detest the role playing courses that the corporate world love so much, so wish me luck as will probably be a stuttering, sweating wreck not a good look.

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  1. Those candle wraps are stunning! Would make great mulled wine glass cosies too!

  2. Wowser, the candle wraps are lovely... like the festive colour ways that you have used. Good luck with the speech! :)

  3. It's frightening how quickly the days go by. Hope the Farnham Fab Women event goes well - the Guildford one was very good.

  4. Cats!! :)
    Hope you and the other Fabulous women have a good time on Thursday - what can you say in just a minute - no hesitation, repetition, or deviation please!

  5. the stripy cats are soooooooooo cute! and a gorgeous card too, your friend must have been thrilled :)

    good luck with your talk - it'll be over before its begun :) x

  6. Good luck with your speech. Your candle wraps look lovely!
    Wendy X

  7. I love the candle wraps. They are amazing. Well done. I am sure that you will be fine once it comes to it. Speaking is usually worse the more you think about it!

  8. The candle wraps are gorgeous, very festive.
    What lovely gifts for your friend.

  9. The candle wraps are very festive. Nordic designs are lovely for Christmas.

  10. The cushion is brilliant and I agree that hearing someone say they love receiving something you made is just the best. I love those little candle wraps too, what a great way to spruce up a boring candle! Hope the event goes well. x

  11. Good luck for the public speaking - it's only a minute and will be over in no time.
    I love the candle wraps and also the cute kitty cushion. It's great when someone really appreciates your gift isn't it?

  12. What a cute kitten it makes such a pretty card. I love the cat cushion, especially the ginger in the middle, very funny.

  13. You're makes are lovely. Hope the fab women event goes well. I go to Networking Mummies and also to Kickstart Monday and they insist on us doing our one minute pitch each time but it really helps to keep practicing. Try making some notes and talking to the mirror first, that can help dispell the nerves x

  14. It's lovely when handmade gifts are appreciated. Good luck with that speech!

  15. You'll be brilliant at The Fabulous Women meeting....
    Your candle wraps are simply beautiful

  16. The natural linen looks lovely with the Chrismassy designs and colours. They are really pretty.
    I'm sure you have nothing to worry about and things will go well with your speech.

    Have a great time with the Ladies.

    Jan x

  17. Your candle wraps are gorgeous. Hope your first meeting with the Fabulous Women went well. Ali x


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