Sunday, 7 October 2012

Handmade Monday No. 87

Where is the time going only 78 days until Christmas, how are you all doing with the gift front? I have just about finished the Birthdays for this year and still to sort out the Christmas gifts, oh well it will get done that is if those pesky fairies get on with some work instead of hiding amongst the fabric and day dreaming the day away.

This weeks makes I have tried so hard to be good and not get distracted but not always easy and I am guilty of sometimes flitting from one project to another, so sat myself down last weekend and gave myself a good talking to, I did listen honest. Time to prioritise a list was drawn, reads a bit like war and peace linked on icloud with the ipad, so alarms go off all over the house telling me what I should be doing each day, even printed off my daily diary list and it has worked. Funny I work well with lists I know others do not but I seem to focus more on what is on the list and not about other delicious fabrics lengths that are peaking at me from the fabric cupboard and calling to me to use them. Plus so good to see all these ticks appear as each project is completed. Okay enough of the wittering, boring you to death and what have I done:

Stand Dressing

Have been browsing the net and just love the way our American cousins put so much effort into the dressing of a stall and if you think about this is your 1 day to catch the attention of the buying public. So a scalloped border for the front of the stall, side drapes and a new top cloth all in candy stripe with of course my company name embroidered on. I am happy with the look and hope it will stick in customers memories. I love the Curlz font as the letters are slightly squiffy you do not have to be exact about the placement.

Logo on the centre front of the top cloth

This is the scalloped banner which will go across the top front of the stall, side panels draping back with rose's finish the look

Christmas Pinafores

My regular readers know I made some pretty summer cotton pinafores earlier in the year, now the colder months some beautiful soft cotton corduroy in vintage green, cream and cherry red to be completed. I can hear the Mum's say 'Oh no not cream' but after some research the consensus is that darker colours yes but for a one off special cream fits the bill. These are all Christmas themed with the embroidery on the bodice. I only make for littely's up to age 5, after that the 'I want to wear what I want' comes in. I love party dresses for girls and always had several when a child. Have noticed the parties round here the jeans and sweat tops have gone and the frills, lace and velvet are back with the patent shoes, posh trousers and waistcoats for the boys, so cute as they walk down the road and then come back with a party bag with a big grin across their faces.

Winter Roses and Snowflakes

Poinsettia and Holly

My new Jeanne D'Arc Living arrived yesterday, a fantastic publication from Denmark and available from Betty & Violet in Newbury. Packed again with a delicious vintage goodies. Orders being taken for the Christmas issues.

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  1. Love your scalloped banner, and I do like the pinafores. It's lovely to hear that smart is back, I still remember my velvet dresses and lacy tights when I was a little girl and I did enjoy dressing my two in pretty dresses (until they got too old as you say!)

  2. I always work better with lists too. I like pinafore dresses for little girls - timeless and they can be dressed up or down.

  3. Your banner will certainly get lots of attention I'm sure of it, it's so pretty. Those little aprons are really sweet.

  4. I do not do lists unless I write down all the things on them that I have already done!!! I think you are on a winner with your stall ideas and your new makes look wonderful. The pretty dresses are lovely. I often look at the girls in their party dresses a bit wistfully. Boys just are not the same but maybe a bit cheaper!!

  5. Caroline...I am seriously in love with your stall dressings....If you ever market them let me know and I can start saving...they are simply gorgeous!!
    Am also loving the little pinafores...
    Hope you have a good week xx

  6. I'm terrible with lists. I can never follow them. Those will be lovely dresses for the Christmas party season.

  7. Love the embroidery on your new stall drapes!

  8. i love those little dresses! adorable and sure to be snapped up quick!

    i agree, its lovely to decorate a stall properly and your logo and banner are beautiful x

  9. I've started the Christmas shop- nearly got all of my daughter's sorted- just picking up the last few bits today.
    I love your new stall banner- I always think it's really important to carry through your identity through your branding- bit obsessive about it actually!
    The poinsettia dress is beautiful- I would definitely put my little one in it for a Christmas Day outfit!

  10. Loving your stall banner and the scalloped edges. It looks really professional.
    The pinafores are beautiful too - when is one too old to wear something like that?

  11. Your scalloped banner is really pretty and I love the sound of your stand dressing. The pinafores are lovely, but I particularly like the poinsettia and holly one. Hope you have a good week.

  12. Only 70 something days to Christmas, arggh! I love the stall banner - I have a a huge fair coming up and need a banner asap but I can't decide what to put on it at all. The must do for this week I think.

  13. The pinafores are adorable, I love the embroidered flowers. Your scalloped banner is really pretty. I hope all your effort is rewarded with lots of customers. Have a lovely week.
    Ali s

  14. I'm a bit of a flitterer myself but looks like your lists worked well and you got lots done. Beautiful makes :-)

  15. The banner looks great - definately needed for a stall. I need to work on what we are going to use, and I can't sew so that rules that one out!! The dresses are really cute. Unfortunately for me 'I don't want to wear' came into the equation a lot earlier than 5 for both my girls.. or perhaps I'm just a pushover!! Anyway - some great makes!! :o) Kirsty

  16. Loving your new stall banner, you must post a photo of your stall with it proudly displayed. I think it will look absolutely fabulous
    Anna xxx

  17. I love the stall banner.It's lovely and I'd find it very welcoming!The little pinafore dresses are adorable-it's a shame all my friends have boys!

  18. Your banner is looking brilliant, I'm looking forward to seeing it displayed in all it's glory.
    My little girl (she's now in her 30's) used to wear pinafores like yours, I love them.

    Jan x


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