Sunday, 6 December 2015

Paris label bag

Another week and ever nearer Christmas day, the tree is up, the house decorated. Most of the food bought just the fresh to be delivered on the 23rd. Writing the cards today ready to post off tomorrow. The house is all twinkly and festive gives me a warm cosy glow, no I have not been on the Bailey's yet, lol.

Makes this week,  another bag this time using ivory cotton canvas and raw silk.  The texture of raw silk and stitching the Paris labels was fun. Backed with the cream guipure lace, love this fabric so sumptuous.

Will be exciting when I launch in January a new direction for a New Year.

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Hope you are well on your way to being ready for the 25th, same time, same place next week. 
Have fun.


  1. love it- looks very delicate :) we are not putting our decs up till first day of the holiday (19th) still need to buy a tree lol but that all sounds like you got it all sorted :) xx

  2. This is so beautiful! All of the colours and textures go together so well :)

  3. A beautiful bag, I'm really not organised for Christmas, no prezzies, no shopping and I haven't even got the Bailey's in. :)

  4. Ooo! Way too PRETTY to "use"!

  5. Good grief, I've done about 1/2 my Christmas shopping and I don't even know how many I'll be cooking for yet, let alone bought the food! Our deckies go up next weekend when my oldest is home from uni, she won't let us put them up without her!
    That bag is so pretty, I love the lace detail.

  6. Very pretty bag, and looks very practical too.

  7. That bag's so pretty :) I've only just put the tree up and I've hardly started shopping!


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