Sunday, 13 December 2015

Not long now

The big day is almost here and I for one cannot wait. I am a big kid where Christmas is concerned, just love this time of year. One thing that would improve it though is the weather would love to have some cold, crisp, dry days with a hint of sun. Nothing better than walking when frosty, love to see the pattens made by a frost, Mother Nature is so perfect in many ways.

Not much on the making front apart from stitching out some free standing lace flowers onto organza, now have a selection of these to use in projects. Also tested out 3 lace flowers, liking the petal one best (bottom right) and have ordered rather a lot of the petal ribbon and guipure lace, not to mention the pearl diamante centres as think the ones with the leaf style petals are the best. Have added brooch bars to the back. Being small they are handy to wear, add to a handbag to dress it up for an evening out or a small gift to give as a thank you.

Not sure what is planned this week, looking for some crystal icicles for the tree, a trip to Forest Lodge may be on the cards. Love their Christmas displays as they have colour and theme rooms ie gold, silver, country etc.

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Should be back next week.....


  1. Such pretty brooches and those lace flowers are just gorgeous.

  2. Lovely, pretty lacy flowers, no wonder you have been ordering a lot. They make beautiful broaches..

  3. Your lacy flowers are so pretty, they would be lovely for wedding themed makes! x

  4. I hate the cold but I must admit I've missed the crisp bright days when the early mornings have a lovely hoar frost, as long as it's bright and sunny for the rest of the day.
    Enjoy your Christmas. x

  5. They are really pretty, I hope you had a lovely Christmas


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