Sunday, 16 August 2015

Flowers everywhere

I love these organza flowers and in particular this Aster design, reasonably quick to stitch out.  With the pearl or diamante centres, a bar back ideal as brooches or to dress up a plain bag.

Have made rather a lot then got distracted with Poinsettias to add to a garment or the Christmas tree. May order some velvet covered headbands, I know could do myself but tbh they are so reasonable to buy would work out so much dearer by the time added all the bits needed. Just got to decide what colour to choose, the red may not match and could clash, the same goes for the green so thinking black would be best as sort of neutral. These would look good with the Poinsettias on for Christmas.

Perhaps some pastel ones for the Asters, the ideas are picking up speed, now where is the bank card, lol.

This lace necklace design is so pretty and adding the Swarovski crystal beads to it, with vintage style steampunk chain and rings, just perfect. Think may be going to make some more of these as well.

Check out the other blogs at Lucy Blossom Crafts for Handmade Monday.

Not much else to show this week as been busy painting tongue and groove panelling on the kitchen walls. Hopefully the worktops will arrive on Wednesday along with the tiler, Simon to fit the sink and hob and you never know, this time next week may have a finished kitchen to show you.

Have a great week and while the rain has been good for the gardens, would be good to have some dry spells to sit outside.


  1. Dropping by from Handmade Monday, gorgeous pieces and I'm loving the Poinsettias, so fine - Chris :D

  2. The flowers are very pretty colours and will look beautiful contrasted on a black hairband. I love your teapot mug rug from last week too!

  3. I'm amazed you are doing so well to get ahead for Christmas whilst your kitchen is upside down!! Hope it all falls into place this week.

  4. Oooh gorgeous flowers, they could be used to make so many crafty makes extra pretty :) x

  5. The flowers will look lovely on a hairband. I used to do velvet hairbands with knitted flowers, but they never seemed to sell, as I think people were worried they wouldn't fit, if bought as a gift.

  6. oh wow love love love the necklace- so dainty! well done on the pretty flowers :)

  7. This is my first Handmade Monday and you are the first blog I've visited through it. But I'm so pleased I did! What beautiful flowers! I can think of so many ways to use them!

  8. I love your flowers, they're beautiful


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