Sunday, 26 May 2019

Handmade Monday #128

Another week and just seen a Grinch post only 31 weeks until Christmas, just saying lol.

What a beautiful week with the weather, have done a lot of gardening. My DH keeps coming up with projects that inevitably involve my input for the final touches.

Have managed to get some work done, my plan atm is to look at the fabrics I have and make something out of the whole length. Bought this linen effect bunny fabric a while back, cannot even remember what I was going to do with it. Have made 3 tote bags, so handy for the summer all lined.

With some fussy cuts two pretty little frame bags.

I am joining up with the linky party on Sum of Their Stories

Until next week, have a good Bank Holiday

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  1. Ooo what gorgeous fabric, I love the fussy cut purses. I do that too, find fabric in my stash with very little recollection of what my thought process was!


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