Sunday, 19 August 2018

Craft Bucket List & Handmade Monday

Welcome to my latest blog post. This post comes from Julie and her punch needle post last week. I also have a punch needle set that I bought back in the 90's and never used. Got me thinking that maybe I should have a craft Bucket List.

So Far:
  1. Tambour embroidery, have the needles just need to have a go
  2. Punch Needle as above
  3. Lace making, again bought a kit years ago just sitting in the cupboard
  4. Crochet, this is a wip as started then got distracted but must give it another go.

I am also guilty of buying fabric, papers etc for specific projects put them in a drawer or cupboard for safe keeping. Promptly forgotten only to be found when trying to find something else. I have enough stock that if I sorted everything would probably find duplications of certain items in fact have enough to open my own small craft shop.

This also brings me onto organising myself. Found some Artbin boxes ideal for cards, they call them satchels but nothing like a satchel I remember.

Also some 8 X 8 boxes from the US, not arrived yet but due the end of the month

Have done some makes this week, some more gift cards

Craft Fair makes

Some A7 notebooks, sold in packs of 2, with a tag and wrapped with twine. These will be sold for £1.00 per pack and use up all those bits of paper, we all hold onto. Every other page is a design and a plain side to write on.

Check out the other blogs at Sum of Their Stories

Until next week, happy creating!


  1. Awh, Caroline, I'm so happy to have inspired you! I think a list is a great idea, even if it takes a while to get to it all at least when it's written down you won't forget again! I hope you enjoy punch needle when you get round to it. (Crochet is a great pick up when you feel like it craft too!)

  2. I have a huge crafty bucket list, it's a whole page on my blog! Both punch needle and lace making are fun, I love to crochet too. I haven't tried tambour embroidery yet.


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