Sunday, 1 April 2018

Handmade Monday 69 and Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Do you decorate for Easter? I do. Only the mantlepiece though but love to have a bit of decoration up.

I even put a banner up for Valentine's Day.

The car had it's MOT last Tuesday, passed which we were happy about. Checked the milage have only done 900 miles since last March. The car really needs to get out more. We walk most places so we can take the mutt. He creates in the car and you end up being deaf. We would be the car that goes up the road with loud barking coming from the back seat! Tried to sit in the back with him but he stomped all over me in a panic, just not worth the aggro. Looking at him butter wouldn't melt. Put him in a car and he becomes a raving loony monster dog.

Back to Handmade Monday, number 69 already!

Not as much made this week but have completed the dream catchers, they took longer than expected, my fault as used too long a thread and kept getting tangled. Found it easier to stand up and cover the rings in the end.

Had some mini canvas boards, covered again with rice paper this time cherry blossom. Stitched out some lace butterflies in random lilac thread. Highlighted the blossom by adding a bloom in pearl silk and a diamante to the centre of the flower.

Now stock all over my sewing room floor as I start to sort what is being taken to my first fair in May. I know a bit early but may add as I go along. Planning on using this event as a sale one, lot's of bargains with many items half price.

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Until next week, don't eat all the chocolate eggs, lol


  1. Happy Easter, your mantlepiece looks lovely.
    Your poor dog, (and poor you!) as I was growing up we had a labrador but she was fine in the car, she'd always go in the boot (no parcel shelf of course!) and have a blanket laid over her. She seemed to feel secure in like that. - good luck!

  2. Happy Easter !!

    Me gusta tú gusta tú blog!!

    Ya soy seguidora



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