Sunday, 30 April 2017

Bluebirds continue

Been an odd week, cold winds, sunshine, sleet and hail. Heating came on as so cold just hopes the warm up happens for this coming week.

Been working hard in the garden, the shady rockery is not quite finished but getting there. You come out of the garden centre laden with plants get home and find still need more, an expensive business but fun.

More of the bluebirds this time make up bags and a larger coaster. Have a quilted pillow design still to do, then think time to move onto something different.

When de-cluttering found an ith bag that I had started but that was it, needed lining and a frame, got that finished as well.

Have got my new journal out and working on a Wedding Collection plus makes to stock in my baby boutique.

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Until next week, have fun


  1. You've been busy, I love the coaster although I would probably not want to spoil it with tea stains by actually using it!
    Our heating has been on too, it's hard to know what to put on in the mornings at the moment isn't it? Jacket or proper coat!


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