Sunday, 22 January 2017

A year of change

A moment of revelation, after being turned down for some events and having grown tired of 'Craft Fairs' in general got a bit down, then stood up and dusted myself off and thought all things happen for a reason. The whole point of my business was to work from home online. That is now what I am doing and working hard to make my site more visible plus reopening my Etsy store. This will save me rentals, petrol, attending time and travel time. Just think what I could be doing with all those hours lost? CREATING which is what I love doing.

On a positive note a lady through my sister bought a pair of my Swarovski elements Christmas tree earrings and when she gave to her daughter she was so thrilled with them. Another lady shopping in Tesco in Aldershot saw the cashier wearing a pair of lace embroidered tree earrings, recognised and yes they were mine she had bought them from an event I attended last year. As her sewing ladies do get asked where they got their earrings from plan to send them some business cards to hand out. All good marketing and promotion.

Not done so much on the making front this week as have had a migraine most of the week but did complete a pink Swarovski Elements necklace, got this idea from a design worn on 'Murdoch Mysteries', so pretty and delicate.

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That is it for me this week, have fun and stay warm as sooooo cold in Hampshire atm.


  1. Positive thinking - that's the way forward! Sounds like you have a plan which is brilliant. Sounds like your word of mouth promotion locally is going well, if us Handmade Mondayer can help with any online promotion then don't forget to ask in the fb group if you are on FB or email me and I can put something up for you.

  2. Such a pretty necklace Caroline. Always good to think positively. Good luck with your Etsy selling!

  3. Getting word of mouth advertising is fabulous. Selling handmade is definitely not as easy as it looks. Sounds like you have the right attitude, Carolee.


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