Saturday, 11 October 2014

Wedding Bells, Rosebuds and Confetti

I am attending a wedding fair on the 8th November in a pretty Hampshire village nestled by the South Downs and whilst I have stock a plenty just had to add some new ideas.

Silk embroidered lace clutch bag and a dainty silk pocket to hold a cotton lawn hankie edged with lace. The flap of the bag is free standing machine lace, the back a beautiful embroidery design all with an Edwardian feel. I love working in silk and not as difficult as it may appear.

Will be making more this week out of a mint silk, maybe some white and ivory as well.

Off to hire a jigsaw to cut loft boarding to fit the small attic. The house is a mess with boxes when we emptied the loft the other month and yes they are still sitting in the morning room. Looks more like Steptoes sitting room, now that ages me wonder how many others remember Steptoe and Son.

If you are a lady in business check out Women Only Connected, sorry strictly no men allowed a fantastic site started by Jenny Wagstaff.

Have a good week and try to stay dry this incessant rain is getting too much.

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  1. They are beautiful, I particularly love the embroidery on the back.


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