Friday, 17 May 2013

The day we brought our fur baby home

Backwards and forwards to the kennel, waiting in anticipation for that special day when we could bring our new fur baby home. The day arrived and all excited, plenty of cuddles a bundle of furriness delight, Shiloh an English Cream Golden Retriever

A Scrappy Do but already pulling the heart strings to get what he wanted and future reference to being a lap dog, almost 2 years on and not much has changed except he is now 123lbs not 10lb when  he was in this picture. He is still loved and so much a part of this family, still calling the shots a constant helper in my sewing room particularly if I drop bits of fabric, trimmed from seams etc. Waist paper baskets are his playground and so much fun. Still a lap dog, ooh sooo heavy, lol. 

This being our third 'Golden' know they never grow up and remain a 
puppy at heart all their lives. Give them love, plenty of cuddles, fun on their walks and they repay you ten fold. A constant companion whatever you are doing, likes the kitchen but providing he is with us he is happy.

Our golden moment forever captured in time.

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