Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A New Year and Wow Blogging Thursday No.1

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Hope you all had a Happy Christmas and Santa left all the presents you wanted under the tree. Ours was low key as normal being only 2 of us plus 1 dog but we did what we wanted to do.

Well we all survived the 21st December and the world is still here although in some areas not a better place. My thoughts went out to the families in Conneticut after the dreadful tragedy which should never have happened.

A New Year and a new start,  new horizons and so many opportunities for me in 2013.
As mentioned before I love a New Year and between Christmas and the 1st always find this is the time I sit and plan for the following year, some ideas I had I have dropped others I have kept but one thing I do know am going to do it my way. 

As you know September was my gift making month for Christmas and can now show you what I created:

A Leicester tigers fan, added some M & S bits, apparently it went down really well and he loves it.

Lee's cousin, again with M & S goodies

Christine who loves to read and chocolate, having moved to The Cotswolds this year thought a savings box for her choccie fund plus a book bag with some mystery books based in the same area.

Kim a very special friend a rose linen bear holding a heart with her initial and a couple of tipsy snowmen for the card, photo of the card but forgot to take a pic of the bear before wrapping and posting.

A pillow for a parsons terrier fanatic

There were a few more but as usual forgot the camera action, New Years resolution list to remember to photograph what I make.

As you can see our present list is small but I hope perfectly formed. I would rather give to select people rather than the whole street and not having children and the fact we are now both orphans does cut the numbers down a tad.



  1. Sometimes it's hard to remember to snap all the creations when you need to consider postage times and other crafty exploits.

    I'm always very impressed by your skills but I have to say that cushion is adorable!

  2. Hi Caroline - I've found you as part of the Wow blog linky thing. I now feel a bit embarressed about the bland gifts given to my friends and rellis. Happy New Year.

    1. Thank you for joining in Lu and your kind comment and am sure your gifts are not bland at all

  3. Caroline you are so clever... I love, love, love your chocolate bag and gifts...just brilliant and right up my street!
    Happy New Year
    Sarah x

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment as always Sarah, greatly appreciated x

  4. Those look lovely, especially the doggie cushion - a must for all dog lovers!
    Happy New Year too.
    Nicky x

    1. Thank you for stopping by Nicky and hope to see you join us on Thursday x


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