Sunday, 10 July 2011

Crafting Monday

Welcome readers to another Crafting Monday been busy won some fabric on ebay
for the school bags, managed to get 5 out of the fabric:

Not one to waste anything made 2 small tote bags

and a tidy bag out of the offcuts, have to squeeze as much as possible out of a length of fabric.

Shiloh update, now 4.5 weeks and the collection day is getting nearer Sally sent us some up to date photos and this says it all, what have we let ourselves in for:

The one marked with a blue X on his rump is ours, talk about walking over everyone
and here he is finally asleep

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  1. bet you can't wait for that gorgeous puppy! Lots of bags from one length of fabric - well done x

  2. Good to see how you can make use of all the fabric, well done!
    Shiloh is gorgeous!!!

  3. Well done on making such a great use of your fabric.

    Shiloh looks like a right scamp - gotta love that pic of him battling over everyone to get to supper!

  4. I have visions of a little one smuggling the puppy into school in one of your bags :)

    Great job on the bags!

  5. Cute puppy - you'll have to keep a bag to put all his toys in! Great bag pattern + fabric too.

  6. Some skillful cutting to get all those bags out of your fabric! Love the totes best!
    Shiloh says "does my bum look big in this pic?!"

  7. The bags are great-and so is Shiloh!

  8. I think it's great fun making your fabric work for you and you certainly got your moneys worth here. All the bags are lovely but I'm a sucker for a tote.

  9. Love the bags carolee and i bet you're getting really excited for the pup's arrival!

  10. Great new bags. The puppies are so cute. You must be so anxious to get him home!

  11. What a cutie pie Shiloh is! Adorable! He will be sure worth the weight.
    The Polka Dot Rose

  12. It's amazing what you can produce from 1 piece of fabric. They all look great. Your impending arrival looks gorgeous. Just had a catch up on your blog as have been away for a couple of weeks and your tag tutorial is brilliant, they look really fab.

  13. Super bags - I like the idea of having lots of design options from the same fabric. Shiloh is great - with a great name too!
    Jo x

  14. Caroline,
    You did a great job on your new bags! Shiloh is too cute! I bet he will be spoiled rotten!

    Shabby Shan's Cottage

  15. Very impressed with all of the different things you made from one length! Puppy is too cute for words x

  16. Hi Caroline,,, I love that fabric. Its so pretty and classic looking. The tote bags are such a nice style too.
    AND that puppy is the sweetest thing EVER!!!! I know you must be getting so excited by now.
    Have a great weekend and happy creating too:)

  17. Love the rompers, love the bags and really love the puppy. lol.


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