Monday, 24 August 2009

Show and Tell Monday

A new week is here, my last one was a bit hit and miss, started off well achieved a lot, then brought down to earth with a bump or should I say bug. Should have known after all the frenetic work I was doing last week. With all the resting finished off the wedding sampler, framed on Sunday, wrapped and ready to go.

Looks a simple design, I thought, but a lot of woman hours went into it. Must be mad but starting another design now for a birthday gift in October, this time to be made into a cushion.

Whilst I was ill watched a good film 'Wild Child' reminded me of my heady days at school, just as mad come to think of it, in fact very similar!!!!

Made another glasses case this pm, I am on a roll again! Will post off tomorrow.

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  1. HI Caroline,
    YOu sure have been busy. Your work is just beautiful.

  2. Beautiful cross stitch. I give you so much credit for having the patience to do that. It's a ton of work but what a special gift.

  3. Caroline

    I just love the wedding sampler, it is so pretty.


  4. Hi sweet Caroline,

    You are definitely a busy bee. Love your latest creations! Hope you have a fun week!

    Janet's Creative Pillows

  5. Oh how I know how much work go into those! I used to make them. You have done a fantastic job of it, too! Wild Child...ya I can relate! I am sure we would have had fun if together!

  6. I am glad to hear you are feeling better:) The wedding sampler is just beautiful. I know the bride and groom will cherish it always. I love cross stitch, but i am so slow at it. Have a great week, I hope you get lots of new pretty things done. (()) gail

  7. Hi Caroline! The cross stitch is lovely and will be a treasured gift for sure.
    The Polka Dot Rose

  8. Love your work! You always have such pretty things.
    Can't wait to see what next week brings!


  9. I Love the cross stitch very nice job and yes I agree they turn out beautiful although a lot of people have no idea how much work goes into making one i also like the eye glass holder are they padded?
    thanks sassy gail

  10. Caroline that sampler is lovely! Just lovely! I know how many hours and how much work went into it. Hope you are feeling better.
    bunny hugs,


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