Tuesday, 19 May 2009

I have been awarded the honest scrap award by Gemma of Little Gems I would like to thank Gemma for this award and her kindness in thinking of me.

To accept this award I must thank Gemma, link to her blog and list 10 honest things about myself along with a copy of the honest scrap image also award 7 other bloggers with the links.

10 Honest things about me:

1. Have no patience
2. Lack confidence
3. Hate being chased around shops by the assistants
4. Love Galaxy chocolate
5. Love salad
6. Dislike confrontation
7. Love the scent of roses and lavender
8. Spend too long on the computer
9. Procrastinate too much
10. Have a motivation problem at times

I would like to give this award to the following blogs:

1. Theresa of Cottage Violets
2. Diana of Diza Tiaras
3. Eileen and Karen of Forget me not dreams
4. Janet of Janet's Creative pillows
5. Kathryn of Lazy Daisy Glass
6. Diane of Mama's Pocketbook
7. Joyce of Make Mine Pink for all her inspiration

1 comment:

  1. Hi Caroline!!
    Luv that sign, I have never seen that one before! My list would look pretty much the same as yours, the only thing different would be a Swedish chocolate ;0)......I hope your weather has improved, we have had sunny and temps in the 30*C for a week and it will continue, hugh!! I
    ;0) Helene
    ps. Thanks for the sweet comment about my little "shop", I sure wish I had a real shop...


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