Monday, 8 September 2008

The Great British Craft Tour

Have just found details of this on a craft forum, check out their travels. Have put in a request for a visit to be included in their tour, check back to see if I have been successful.
The weather this week has been fine if you are a duck but for us humans and a golden retriever, who hates getting wet, has been no fun. Got my self organised to post all my products to my website on Friday, had posted 3 items on Thursday to check okay (shown above). Friday morning comes and nothing works cannot add text nor paypal to my photos, thought I was having a senior moment. Then remembered an upgrade, after email to the software company it appears that they are aware of a problem and are working diligently to correct. Typical, hope this is corrected soon as wanted to post all my Christmas items, still kept busy as my friend dropped off her years worth of accounts to keep me occupied.
The car goes for a service tomorrow, will need a stiff drink after its is picked up when we see the bill. DH has agreed that I can go to Marks and Spencer for a look round and coffee, how the other half live! Then off to the garden centre, half of our plants have taken a real battering with the rain and the baskets are not worth mentioning, looking for some colour to takes us into proper Winter.


Website now working, received a fix beta but still works have just spent the last 2 hours loading everything up along with the paypal buttons.


  1. Hello Carolee,, Good luck I hope you are successful in getting invited to the Great British Craft tour. That sounds like a lot of fun. I would be happy to take some of your rain off your hands if you want to send some this way. LOL I am in the desert southwest and its always dry as dust here. Well, stay dry, have a great week, luv, gail

  2. I'm glad you got your site working. Hope the rain stops soon for you!

  3. Carolee, hope the problems with your site are all behind you now. Can't wait to see the site.
    So what did you see at the craft store? Anything inspiring?
    Hope you have a sunny week, or at least dry.


  4. Fingers crossed you are successful in getting into the craft show. I love the snow angels, they are beautiful. Sorry about the rain, my pup does not like the rain either!


  5. Good luck with the craft show. Sorry to hear you are having so much computer trouble. Wishing you a dry week.

  6. Hi Caroline,
    I love your Christmas. The Santa is my favorite one!!! Can't wait till you fill that baby up with all kinds of goodies.

  7. Hey Caroline,
    Glad you got your computer bugs exterminated. Nothing is more frustrating when you are trying to get work done. Good luck on the British Craft tour. Keep us posted.

  8. Hi Caroline,
    So glad your site is working, and I hope you get some dry weather soon! Good luck getting into the show!

  9. It looks like it will be worth the wait if the pieces you showed here are any indication. k

  10. That craft tour sounds AWESOME! I hope you get to go. Glad to hear your computer woes are behind you.


  11. Woo Hoo! Great job on the website! I hope you get invited to the craft tour.

    You can send that rain to Northern California. We're having such a drought that people have stopped watering their yards and restaurants wont serve water unless you ask.

    Hey, I'm having a give away on my blog so stop by and leave a comment!

  12. Fingers crossed for you..I hope you get in! Your angels are precious!


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