Saturday, 1 October 2011

The Joy of doing what you love

How many of us start off with a hobby which eventually we are able to turn into a business. I took the plunge in 2003 with Carole Crafts, starting out with purely textiles evolving into a variety of crafts, some self taught, some not over the period of the last 8 years.

Since 2008 I have been luck enough to be creating 24/7, no boss to answer too except myself, no longer a wage slave trying to fit a business into free time in the evenings and weekends. To be able to follow my dream of living and working from home is my bliss and I am eternally thankful that I have had this opportunity.

It is hard at times and especially during the current climate handmade gift buying has taken a battering being replaced by cheap imports. I am still passionate about handmade, with care and attention to detail being able to produce something that little bit different, most of my gift line is OOAK (one of a kind). I am a bit of a crafting butterfly and production line making is not my forte being able to design and create something different each time is a joy and hopefully customers will appreciate that fact, they are able to buy something that hopefully would not have been seen before or certainly not an exact replica.

Inspiration is all around me, today being 81 in the temperature stakes enabled the windows to be flung open, the birds are singing and hard to believe that not 2 weeks ago contemplating turning on the heating, this sort of day with the peace and quiet of the garden except for the wildlife gives me time to sit and reflect the direction I want to go in next. As a crafter you have to evolve and move with the times, what worked 5 years ago will not today.

My style is predominately vintage, love traditional tea parties time of eras gone by when ladies would sit and embroider, drink tea from china cups and tiered plates filled with cucumber sandwiches and fresh cream delicacies, dresses draped in lace and pastel prints. I know not practical for today but that love of vintage fripperies is still here and whilst I have to at times add a modern twist my true love is never far away.

Advice to anyone is hard as we are all different and so very unique, that thought must be held onto at all times in your life but one thing I do agree with is follow your dream, whatever that may be however small you start, never get to an age and look back and regret that you never did. Life is so very short and I am making sure that if I should reach the grand old age of 85 that I can look back sigh and say yes it was a good life and I don't regret one minute of it, any mistakes I made, made me stronger and the person I was and am today and most of all I lived my dream.


  1. That was a lovely read, I enjoyed it. There is something so nice about an individual item made with love and care.
    Most people go through life doing what they have to not what they want to. Good luck with it all and may you long continue to enjoy it.

  2. What a great post, sometimes we do forget how lucky we are to do what we enjoy the most, and the joy of trying new skills too.

    Agreed though it really is not so easy atm, good job us crafters can appreciate each other, high street? whats that again?

    Lynda x


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