Thursday, 29 September 2011

Wear it Pink

As mentioned in my Monday blog this week October is the month for the Breast Cancer campaign with the main day of fund raising being 28th October, check out the website for more details:

 I have registered to join in the fund raising and am planning a selection of gifts and cards in a dedicated area of my website, 20% of any sales of these products will be donated to the Breast Cancer Campaign.

Wouldn't it be good if we could get a handmade group together, linking websites and blogs with craft in pink, to be part of the cure. You can download posters and flyers, search for an event in your area or like myself and a few others join as a co-operative and promote handmade at the same time, do you want to join in? check out the following criteria.

1. A dedicated section on your website for all things pink (or your entire site up to you)
 giving a donation of the sales to WiP. (this is not a donation given to customers but a percentage of sales taken that you are prepared to send to WiP)

2. This is aimed at handmade only to show what the handmade community can do

3. Let me have your link 

4. Link back to the other participating sites, the whole point of this exercise is to raise money for a good cause and by linking with each other makes the group stronger.

5. Advertise what you are doing on your websites, blogs, events etc during October

I would like to be able to let Wear It Pink know what we are doing along with the participants so if interested and prepared to commit to the whole month send me an email (via my website)  with your business name, website link and terms offered.


Carolee Crafts - Website

Christmas Pie Crafts -

The Grimm Exhibition - Website

Lady Luck Jewellery - Website

Pixie Doodles - Website

Irish Wedding Dreams - Website

Let's add to the list and get Wear it Pink on the road.

I will be adding the Pink Collection from Saturday with more items gradually through October


  1. A great idea, Caroline, and I hope our blog posts of today encourage more people to join in.


  2. This is such a good campaing for an incredibly worthy cause...well done, Caroline :)

  3. Lovely idea caroline. I wish you lots of luck with it x


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