Sunday, 11 September 2011

A busy week

Car taken for MOT and passed, Yippee!. Shiloh had his first training class and was a star, more details on his blog along with his first walk in the big wide world, a real pro. Juke box repair man visited as Lee's Wurlitzer has stopped working, shock and horror. Last but not least I have been crafting. The first part of the week was a disaster but Friday evening and over the weekend my creativity has been on a roll, making easel style calendars with 3d decoupage, floral embellishments mounted onto  printed backing paper, added to my website: The Writing Room - Escritoire a perfect small gift for yourself or a friend a pretty addition to any desk.
Soul Song

Angel of the New Dawn

Angel of Purity

Cobblestone Lane

Funky Fairy

Rose Bouquet

My workroom has so much WIP and you can guess what the plans are this week, FINISH projects started before starting anything else, well not sure about the last bit but will give it a go, have a good week all and see you on Thursday for 'Handmade by Me' blog hop.

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  1. I especially like the rose bouquet cards, and have clicked your Google +1icon.

  2. Very pretty makes, as usual - good luck with the "finishing off" - my main problem too, much better at starting than finishing!

  3. Your cards are lovely! I am glad I'm not the only WIP person around!

  4. Aren't they lovely?! I think the rose one is my favourite. I'm a sucker for flowers :)

  5. Oh they are soooooooo pretty!
    Note to self ( I want one of those calendars.
    Well done darl, beautiful work xxx

  6. The rose calendar is lovely Caroline - they are all so pretty


  7. Caroline

    I absolutely love the calendars, they are beautiful!

  8. Really pretty cards. I've also got lots of WIP and then ther's also all the ideas whizzing round in my head!

  9. You've been very busy Caroline! They are very pretty well done :)

  10. Oh, those are so beautiful! Sounds like you have been really busy, glad Shiloh is doing well. We are just back from a long trip, but I'm glad to be back on board with Handmade Monday, I missed it! :)

  11. Gorgeous work.
    You sound like me, I have way to many things unfinished! I keep telling myself I'll get around to finishing them one day!

  12. Have + 1'd
    Really glad I'm not the only one who has WIPs all over the place xx

  13. Am deeply depressed to realise it is calendar time already but then I saw yours and felt much better, they are just gorgeous.

    Congrats to your car on passing - tee hee!

  14. Oh dear, I feel very behind looking at your 2012 calenders! They are stunning xx

  15. All pretty colours. A job to choose a favourite from amongst them. WIP? My life revolves around those 3 little letters. Always something on the go. Hugs Mrs A.

  16. The Rose calendar is lovely. Very pretty as usual.

  17. Hi caroline,, what a cute idea. I love the calenders! I hope you get everything finished up!

    Happy Creating,

  18. Wow, you make so many lovely things! And it's nice to know a fellow crafter who lives near me

  19. I think all of us Crafters/Artist are a WIP, and sometimes we worry about it too much!! I Love the Bouquets Caroline so Desk Ready!! Have a Great Week my dear!!
    Huggs, Nancy


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