Sunday, 26 February 2012

Is Spring here yet?

The crocus are popping their heads above the soil a dash of colour on a dreary day and think almost Spring. To me seems to have been a long, long winter and although the weather has not been as bad as previous years am really looking forward to the Spring and Summer. Perhaps an age thing that I need warmth on my bones.

Talking of Spring ordered some fantastic fabric for the school bags, I just love it so summery and reminds me a tad of Easter. Now not one to waste anything had to make some Easter Egg Hunt bags, embroidered with a cute bunny or chick, ideal to stash all those chocolate goodies in or use to fill with eggs and give as a gift to the grand children. Or fill with scented goodies from Just Soaps of the Earth for a perfect pampering gift for a Mum, Nan or girlfriend, all of Jane's products have less fattening centres.

The Easter bags are available on my website or Wow Thank You

The reason for the fabric purchase in the first place school laundry bags, should brighten up the dorms.

This fabric just spoke to me although only enough to make 2 laundry bags in each colour way just felt the need to stop my finger itching and had to buy. On arrival there was extra as the end of a length so 3 bags out of the pink at no extra cost, Yippee!!

The cut off's? well the hearts spoke to me of a little Princess so eager to be big and grown up but still in love with fantasyland, fairies and the Princess in the castle. This time as actual mini tote bags, ideal as a gift can be filled with all manner of things for a perfect little girl or just because she is your Princess.

That is all from me this week off to make some embroidered lace 3D butterflies into pins/brooches. Debating whether to add to a card to become a Carte et un Cadeau a card and gift in one or leave as stand alone, leaning towards the card idea as I have so many CD's with some beautiful vintage style papers. Oh well decisions, decisions you will just have to wait for next week.

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Have a wonderful creative week in Craft Land

Sunday, 19 February 2012

A smaller gift

In the current climate gift buying can become a problem as money is tight. You don't want to not give but wish to give something small that you know will be well received. This is part of my new business plan for 2012 to design and make a selection of gifts and complementing cards including gift wrapping aimed at a small outlay but big in the receiving department. A gift made with care and attention to detail, something to be treasured hopefully for years to come.

I love to give more than receive, love to take the time making and wrapping and the biggest gift to me is knowing that a gift I have made is loved. Money should not be a part of gift giving it is the thought that counts and the days of buying big to impress I hope are finally over. Some gifts I have given may be small but could have taken hours to make, every stitch a gift of love.


Onto my small gifts, carrying on from the boy's coin purse my new offering depicting a union jack mini on flag fabric, bearing in mind it is the Jubilee year nothing better than a bit of patriotism, think these could be used for little boys, girls and bigger girls especially useful for the change needed for the town car parks.


Suddenly remembered my friend was moving from Lyme Regis to Stonehouse, Gloucester not like me not to be ready in advance and had to whip up a New Home card, now I love bird houses not sure why but they speak to me, hope she likes it.


A detailed embroidered heart onto silk embellished with organza flowers and ribbon roses with diamante gems, a delightful item for that special evening out.


As you know from a previous post I love to read BOOKS! yes I said it actual paper pages and all, so the next progression was to add some bookmarks, think these two designs are fun for any age.
Suggestion a good book and a book mark as a gift, if you search can be again a reasonable gift and one that will be treasured long after the book has been read.

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Almost Spring hang on in there...

Chief Nuisance Factor

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Monday again!!!

Well not sure where last week went but has gone never to be seen again, will soon be on the countdown to Christmas again.

Well what have I been doing or not as the case may be, not done as much as would have liked but that is life the snow seems to have made me want to hibernate and work is the last thing on the agenda.


A challenge thrown down by Tracey from Wow Thank you a boys coin purse, apparently they are hard to come by, girl's not a problem but boy's think again, this is my offering in brown mottled fabric and an embroidered tractor with zipper closure. Think may just make some more.


Fun new addition to my door pillows this time with and initial in a clown design


I love the colours of this silk and as my mood board a few posts ago finally got around to making.

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Have a great week creating, same time same place next week.

Eating the snow to help Dad clear the paths!!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Winners gift

following on from my 'giveaway' this week here are the two Jacobean initial sachets,  winging there way across the UK and over the 'Pond' to the USA:

J for Jan from Picto


S for Shannon fron Shabby Shan's Cottage

Enjoy ladies

Wow Thank You

My first order from Wow Thank you for 2 of the embroidered Mother's Day cards, embroidery done just waiting for the card blank delivery which should have been today!

Child's Prayer Cushion Cover

Had an idea originally wanted to make a picture and frame then thought no what about a cushion, done in lemon mottled for the backing and sides and white on white leaf sprig design fabric for the centre panel and corner squares. Happy with how it turned out, could be done in say a pink or blue or any colour to match the nursery decor.

Another Oriental inspired evening bag this time in cerise butterfly print satin and burgundy velvet panel with embroidered butterfly.

Had a request from my BFF for a Mother door pillow, her Mum is a very brave and special lady.

Had to test out my new packaging,

I love to receive beautifully wrapped orders through the post, think it shows the sender cares. Did pinch this idea from Liz Earle and Fig Leaves, nothing better than to receive a package, open and see what lies inside. The labels I designed and printed myself and just love the spotted ribbon and think goes well with the tissue paper which next time may have to be silver sprinkles as the spot as usual has now been discontinued, just typical.

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Have a creative week and hope the snow has not caused too many disruptions.


Fun in the Snow Director

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

By The Sea

Waves lapping against the shore, warm sun on your back with a gentle breeze. Oh how I look forward to warmer days at this time of year not too hot just warm, the freezing cold winds a distant memory. Well back to reality and with the threat of snow turned my attention to the sea.

Bunting Pillow

As 2012 is the Jubilee Year thought bunting and patchwork in blue, pink and white shades with a toile deckchair and beach hut embroidery

Seaside Tote

This is an old make and found amongst my stock and just had to add to the summer theme

At the Beach Door Pillow

Add to a bathroom with a seaside theme, fun door pillow to add the essence of summer to any room

Off to dream of the halcyon days of summer and thank you for reading

Thinks the sea looks good fun and all that sand!