Sunday, 26 February 2017

De-cluttering almost done

A week of still coughing, this cold is hanging around still hopefully only 1 week to go.

Been de-cluttering like mad as fed up with it now, we plan to go to Farnham next week and want to drop off boxes to the RSPCA shop. This has been the kick I needed top restart my efforts, amazing what you can get done when you put your mind to it. Only about 4 mores sections plus my books to go, then I know what I am keeping just need to make sure all boxes labelled and in their right places.

Will be so glad when done, the work room has been sorted just needs to be placed correctly, then we may start on the large loft at the top of the house. Did clear some last year but have an 8ft x 2ft shelf still to do. This is mainly Lee's stuff and he needs to make some hard decisions.

I cannot believe how much 'stuff' we accumulate over the years, could have opened a shop and stocked for a month at least. Have found though that the space is clearing my creative brain and helping me focus on what I want to make next. Now I can find things!!!!!

Made this card a few weeks back but could not show you until after the Birthday date, just in case the lady concerned reads my blog. Oriental styling:

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Sunday, 19 February 2017

A poorly week

Been really poorly this week and still not over it. Apparently lasts about 3 weeks, oh joy. Sore throat, hacking cough, blocked nose, streaming nose, temperature you name it Lee and I have had it.  I am not a good patient as hate not being able to do what I want when I want. My sewing room is calling but no energy.

Will check out all your blogs and hope to be back to some form of normality next week.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Decluttering continues

I set myself a goal for the New Year to declutter and get myself to the point where I know where everything is and do not have to spend hours looking for an item I know I have. Then get distracted by other finds on the way. Well update still decluttering and still getting distracted by finds, good job I have no event until the end of November to attend.

In the cupboard in my sewing room have a unit which is divided up into cubes, always had a problem finding suitable boxes that fit. Browsing ebay, as you do, found some wonderful canvas cubes that are perfect, they will be holding all my large fabric pieces.

My ribbons have also had a makeover and now in special boxes which enables me to pull and cut, not like before in one large box where they escaped from and ended up all over the floor.

I am getting there but taking so long as sometimes feel split between making and decluttering, so end up doing neither. Keep telling myself if I concentrate should all be done by the end of February, then can do the workroom in March not to mention the rest of the house. I do feel better when decluttering has been done and amazed at how much 'stuff' we accumulate for 2 people. It is hard to sometimes make the big decision and let go of items though as always think 'what if' but know if not used in 5 years unlikely to be used in the future. The last time we did this sort of thinning out was when we moved into the house in 1989, this property is considerably bigger than the last and when we got the keys from the builders thought we would never fill it and be rattling around. That is so funny 26 years later we are full to the brim, hence why the workroom was built to accommodate all my non sewing crafts. Also needed a stock room as swell for all the craft bits I make, lol.

Love the Marie Kondo's Japanese philosophy of living, this is an extract from a review of her book:

"Kondo invites readers, particularly Western ones, to fundamentally re-think their relationships to the objects in their everyday lives. With a few simple, though radical, rules, Kondo’s approach promises to transform the way you relate to the things in your life, forever. The verdict’s still out for me on the ‘forever’ part, but her rules are refreshing. “When you put your house in order, you put your affairs and your past in order, too,” she writes. Finding inner peace by way of a more organized life? "

I agree that in the Western World we are very wrapped up in 'things' and let's be honest as I get older I realise cannot take it with me and as have no children, no one to leave it too. So I am now taking the stance if not being used or potentially useful will go.

Until next week, Happy Crafting!

Sunday, 5 February 2017

My ideal event- A Crafting Convention

I have been asked by Eventbrite to write about my ideal event. Now this is easy for me as always disappointed with the modern events held in cold modern buildings.

My ideal event would be held in a beautiful country manor house with lots of rooms, each room would be themed. 

Separate rooms full of ribbons, lace, fabrics, ex-designer fabrics, vintage lace and trims, beads the list goes on but not forgetting books on all things creative.

Separate rooms would be a joy like browsing indie boutiques in the Lanes of Brighton or Walton Street off the King's Road in Chelsea. Each door would open to a world of delights.

Rooms holding classes on quilting, embroidery, Sashiko, Tambour, fabric box making and beading techniques.

Pattern rooms with vintage patterns going back through the ages.

Exhibition of beautiful Victorian dresses up to 1950's dirndl skirts.

Beautiful papers to use for scrapbooking, cards or a multitude of crafts.

Vintage wallpaper sheets to buy to look at or use.

Yarn made in the UK by individual wool suppliers, with demo's of hand dying and weaving.

Tea rooms dotted about in rooms for a break with a cup of tea and homemade cakes.

Somewhere to sit in and relax contemplate your purchases made, check off in the guide rooms visited and rooms you want to go back to.

Not forgetting a garden to walk around and get inspiration for some creativity and more purchases

Would have to be a beautiful summer day with the sun in the sky and to come home with bags full of goodies

Finally a hall of vintage and handmade crafts, beautifully displayed a place to find wonderful gifts to keep or give.

I hope you enjoyed a tour of my ideal event, what would yours be?

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Until next week, enjoy

All images used from Pinterest