Sunday, 20 January 2019

Handmade Monday No. 110

Well the year is zooming past again and seem to be very busy atm. My brain is full of ideas and have to keep jotting them down. This past week my feet do not seem to have touched the ground. Spent a boring hour in the garage waiting for the car, exhausted my new magazine and my eyes got tired from reading a book. Still all done.

Back to work another reading pillow this time a Fairy

Couple of driving test cards

Part way through another reading pillow, this time a giraffe not finished yet as the fat quarter I ordered was slightly narrower than I expected. Should have reads thre description, only have enough for the main front and one half of the back. Order placed for some more.

Had a yarn delivery on Saturday a baby DK with a shimmer. Working on the pattern again not completed but have mapped out enough to start the lower back. Just the top part with cable etc. Hope to have something to show in the next week or two.

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See you all next week

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Just another Handmade Monday

Heard the Bangles song on the radio now cannot get it out of my head!!!!

Been quite productive and busy this past week have made a couple of reading pillows

A Cute Dragon


Not wasting any of the fabric some wrist key fobs

A new venture not yet published on my site but some party bags

Plan to add some personalised ones and more ready made, hopefully in the next few weeks.

Had a letter from Ford the car has been recalled for some update to the software to do with clutch slip detection. I thought I was driving a car not a computer!!!! Can remember my first car a proper mini and knew were the important things were under the bonnet. Now? Give Up!!! Off to the garage on Tuesday.

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That's all for this week folks!

Sunday, 6 January 2019

Happy New Year and WIP

Happy New Year folks, did you make any resolutions? I did not bother apart from tidying up my workspace when I have finished or cannot complete a project. Have also done a tick list for new products, so that I remember to add them where they should be.

Did a major stock take, had products that were on paypal but not on my site and had been sold. Products that did not appear any where apart from the boxes they were stored in. Got rid of a lot of old stock, the charity shop has done well. Had been uncertain about this latter step but now done feel so liberated and organised.

Planning what if any events I do for 2019. Will certainly do the local Christmas Fair in November but any others? at this point not sure. May do the Liphook monthly market, have a 4ft table and not do so many. Have signed up on the new Grayshott community website and will make full use of that.

New ideas this year include party bags both patterned and candy stripe with names embroidered on them.

WIP? A dragon book pillow. Embroidery done but ground to a halt as needed to order some lining cotton, fingers crossed that arrives on Monday otherwise will have to do some housework!!!!!!

Also have a baby jacket knitted up but need to get out my sewing machine and apply the patterned binding with picot edge.

Ordered some more A4 project boxes to keep everything tidy. Easier than plastic bags which slip and slide all over the place.

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See you next week 

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year.

Been on a break, busy with a Christmas faIR, decorating and now stock taking, think I could be some time, lol.

Have sorted out a new project a dragon reading pillow for the NY and started on some more baby knitting.

I will be back in January with new makes and tales from the Hampshire Countryside.

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See you in January

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Baby Knits and Handmade Monday

Another week and only 65 days until Christmas. This past month has flown by and the plan was to start sorting stock for the fair plus props in November, better get a wriggle on and stop making!

This week have been knitting, always love to knit in the winter something comforting about the sound of needles and the gentle crackle of a fire. Matinee jacket one of my own patterns and had to embellish with lace trim and butterflies.

Pixie Hat, have done a couple of these again with a faux silk ribbon, lace and velvet ribbon.

Two tone ribbed baby shoes, just realised that these are in Wimbledon colours, lol.

On a morning out with DH went to a local garden centre and Christmas has arrived. Going to another centre next week and know this one will be special. Love to see the decorations and could spend and arm and a leg. Think when I am older will have the house decked floor to ceiling every year, lol.

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Until next week, have fun x

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Storm Callum and Santa mitts

I don't appear to have done much this week mainly because making Christmas gifts and cards cannot be shown until the NY, which is a long way off!!!!

We got the tail end of Storm Callum, not so much rain but the winds, our poor trees were suffering. We also planted out a lovely box hedge only for DH to find the squirrel was pulling out the plants to deposit his winter food storage in the holes. each day DH goes out and replants taking out the nuts. Who is going to win this battle? Must get some lights that may put him off, or make it worse!

Back to crafting, been busy knitting and have made some Santa Mitts for the fair. I have put a low price point on these as they are so quick to make. Can sit and watch tv whilst knitting them, only have to concentrate for the face detail and stitching up.

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Until next week, have fun!

Sunday, 7 October 2018

October, Halloween, Autumn and tidying

Who celebrates Halloween? must admit something that has always past me by but hard with all my friends in the US getting into the spirit of the ghouls and ghosties. Did make some rosettes one year but no sales, so conclusion is not something we do in the UK.

My DH and I have been married 39 years last week on the 29th September. The house is testimony to the years we have spent together. In other words clutter. We were very good and cleared the large attic earlier on this year, nothing goes up there now and only use the small attic over the utility room. However, have said we will empty in the new year and double check what is up there as a new kettle and toaster may mean old boxes! The plan is to combine my workroom and sewing room in the main part of the house, which is warmer and not so lonely. To do that have got to downsize and declutter. The house is groaning at the seams and I spend so long looking for an item and as mentioned before get diverted as find something else. So bought a new book:

Have read good reviews of this method and thought got to give it a go. so far instead of slow and steady and doing peace meal the recommendation is do at once. Not sure with the amount of clutter I have that that will be possible, or that my body would cope!!! will keep you informed.

On the making front, been a bit slow to restart but made some more Face Scrubbies and some Flower Ballerina door pillows with matching cards. Will be selling as a set. Love the card I found online so pretty.

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See you next week