We've Got It All Sewn Up

We've Got It All Sewn Up

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Lace Flower Jewellery and Flower Girl Bags

These are a new venture, wrap bracelets, all stitched on my machine then adding Swarovski crystals to the centres of the flowers. Delicate and oh so pretty. The idea is they are wrapped around the wrist and fastened with a sterling silver clasp and ring. Perfect for a wedding, summer day or an evening out.

Continuing on with the wedding theme these Flower Girl Petal bags are an alternative to the flower basket and become a keepsake of a special day.

Finishing off Christmas gifts atm and have even started thinking of Christmas 2015, I must be mad I hear you say! well maybe but I get an idea and have to run with it.

Have a good week and hope we get an Indian summer as this is just too cold for mid August.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Bunting, bunting and yet more bunting

Okay have gone bunting mad, getting ready for a wedding fair in November, I know still plenty of time but is there? I find the days just whizz past and then a mad rush to get everything done.

I love spots, not sure why maybe because a vintage feel. This fabric I have used before, in fact quite addicted to it, but find it neutral in a funny way, not over patterned and also looks elegant.

Mr & Mrs bunting in a variety of colourways, with delicate pink hearts and the letters done in white with a hint of glitter.

Continuing the bridal theme some lavender sachets for special ladies on a special day

However, realised that the Maid of Honour was spelt Honor, so no good for this side of the pond. Will redo today hopefully, that is if I don't get distracted by other ideas. This is one reason why I make OOAK (One of a Kind) that way my butterfly brain can be satisfied, production line working is not for me.

Should have been working on a 'Happy Christmas' bunting banner but the fabric did not arrive when it should (sorry Kim). However, did not want to waste time and had to get these banners done anyway. Hold that thought fabric now arrived all done and ready to post off:

Monday, 14 July 2014

Afternoon Tea Picture Hoops

Dainty china cups and saucers, teapots full of scented tea leaves and piping hot water adding a touch of lace, what could be more perfect. These embroidery hoop pictures are wrapped with rosebud print fabric, stitched onto white with a hint of silver, 3D lace doily to add a touch of vintage, days gone by when afternoon tea was a must.

Another 2 additions to my Afternoon Tea Collection.

The weather is glorious and perfect for partaking in afternoon tea, making sure the pot is warmed first. A tiered plate full of cucumber sandwiches (with the crusts cut off) delicate cakes and scones with jam and cream.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Blog Challenge by Country Baskets

I love challenges and when Country Baskets contacted me to take part along with 19 other talented bloggers, I could not refuse. A large parcel was delivered filled with plum organza, pink crystal butterflies, clear crystal teardrops, guipure lace, diamante trim, heart glass cards, pink ribbon with hearts and a silk flower bouquet. The challenge started what could I make. 

I love small frame clutch bags and feel for a wedding this was the way to go. Using silk dupion as the base, layering the guipure lace across the bag shape, adding a strip of the diamante trim to the top along with the frame. Beauiful as the bag was at this stage just had to use the organza to make into hydrangea blooms, using a preformatted embroidery design my machine got to work. The hardest part was to cut out all the blooms as close to the stitching as possible. Then the exciting part to make up a flower head, adding green organza leaves and a couple of the crystal teardrops.

The challenge was complete and think this is a must have for any discerning bride, small, elegant and beautiful.

Checkout Country Baskets and their blog for some more inspirational ideas for your perfect wedding.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Afternoon Tea and Country Kitchen

A week of sunshine and showers which adds up to plenty of time to stitch. A few additions for the Afternoon Tea Collection:

Teacup Apron

Something about teacups and this vibrant fabric has made a very summery waist apron.

Teapot Angels

Our teapots all need an angel as these are so pretty hugging a blue teapot, keeping this delicious brew safe.

Not to be outdone another addition to the Country Kitchen Collection these delightful simple stitched designs onto a white waffle fabric encased in a wooden hop wrapped with gingham binding.

That is all for this week, off to mow the grass again! this weather of sunshine and showers convinced grows a couple of inches a day.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Afternoon Tea Collection

I love afternoon tea, a 3 tiered plate filled with delicious sandwiches, yummy cakes and delicate scones with jam and clotted cream served the Cornish Way. My thoughts turn to gifts to compliment a traditional English afternoon tea, the first creation being:

Lavender Tea Bag Sachets

What could be more summery than lavender, tea and roses. These delicate little sachets are made out of the most perfect prints of happy pansies and roses, filled with lavender attached with ribbon to an embroidered tea cup tag.

More will be added to this collection over the next few weeks, plus beginning to write a story introducing a new collection incorporating my love of the Victorian Era, when times where quieter, no television to distract, ladies sitting a whiling away the hours with beautiful embroideries. More will be revealed as this idea progresses and hope you will join me on this new journey.

Have a wonderful week enjoying the summer weather we currently have.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

New Issue, published, gift to myself and challenges

The new issue of Daphne's Diary is out and yet again filled with good stories and pic's of all manner of goodies to drool over.

Imagine my surprise when browsing through and saw my poppy clutch bags in the 'Post from Friends' section

A Gift for Me

Ordered a CD Rom from my favourite supplier 'Joanna Sheen' 

looking at the gallery just my sort of design and plan to make sets of cards in perhaps 3's, 5's and 10's in decorated boxes/wallets.

The Challenge:

Have been contacted by a supplier about a wedding challenge and just had to sign up waiting for my pack to arrive. I love this sort of challenge as stretches me to sometimes think outside my comfort zone, will post when completed.

Finally saw this post and am sure those of us that make for a living will understand every word

Not much else from me this week as have not been crafting just planning (read procrastinating) about what to do next, really though the weather has been so good the garden just called to be tended to, plenty of hours in the sunshine or reading under the rose pergola, with the dog trying to keep cool, all that fur is not a good look in the summer