Sunday, 1 March 2015

A funny week

This last week has been odd, started off okay and did a few bits and pieces. Wednesday DH started his prep for some tests on Friday, there in lay the problem. The prep is quite intrusive and needless to say he felt sorry for himself, so I had to keep his spirits up and keep him from stewing about what they may find. Trying to be optimistic when someone has a downer is hard, just glad I am on the Anti D's or would have be nye impossible. His hospital visit went fine and apparently he is normal!!! did question the surgeon had he got that bit right, which caused some hilarity, lol.

Back to crafting a Birthday card for a friend, she will have opened by now so safe in posting. The fact that I actually remembered to photograph before posting was a miracle as normally remember when the envelope is sealed and too late.

Used 1 of the Joanna Sheen CD Roms, I love Joanna's CD's they are vintage and just up my street.

Covered some journals and had a strip of fabric left, hard to think what to do with it as though long narrow. Idea some lavender label sachets.

Almost forgot to post the journals added a couple in plain linen.

Final make of the week another t short for me in white, so useful.

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Hope to have a more normal week and achieve a lot more.

NEWS FLASH**** My embroidery machine is back, Yippee!!!! and working better than ever, not sure if I will get any more stitched today but then you never know.

Have a Happy Week Crafters

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Sewing Room and more from the Rose, Linen and Lace Collection

Bought a beautiful length of fabric depicting vintage style sewing labels. Had a ponder and made into Lavender Pin Cushions/ Sachets, so pretty

the smaller labels could not be wasted and what better way to use up than turn into key rings.

These have been added to my 'Sewing Room' collection.

Back to Roses, linen and lace and this time some lavender filled dress forms, with pretty lace skirts, velvet ribbon and roses. They can be added to a door handle to scent a room and look pretty at the same time.

Final make of the week for my shop a couple of pretty stationery wallets with matching toppers printed onto fabric for the front. Contains 8 notelets and envelopes.

Another make for myself, this time an overtop with dipped hemline, large roomy pockets gathered with ties and my first t shirt with batwing sleeves. The cotton I had in my dressmaking stash for donkey's.

Have gone mad and ordered some more fabric a pretty rose print jersey for another t shirt and a pale pink linen for another over top the same as the lilac print above. Hope to get these done when they arrive but a busy week as Lee is off to the hospital again on Friday for more tests. Leaving big Sis in charge of the mutlet, that should be fun.......

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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Roses, Linen and Lace

Love roses, linen and lace not to mention vintage style buttons and beads. As the look of my site has changed and I am going back to what I love, in particular PINK, had to think what could start off the new look incorporating roses, linen and lace, with a hint of lavender. Came up with a shabby chic pink lace cuff, my first one and very happy. These cuffs remind me of the Scarlet Pimpernel 'Sink Me' the costumes were so elegant and so much lace.

Lavender Lace Sachet

Using oatmeal linen, vintage lace trim, heart ribbon and resin roses, filled with lavender from Chateau de la Gabelle, smells delicious could be hidden in a drawer or on show on a dressing table.

Should have had a lot more makes to show but waiting for components to finish. What I should really do is plan ahead and make sure I have everything needed before I start.

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Have a good week and hope to see you next Sunday

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Poorly Machine and a make for me

My embroidery machine finally gave up the ghost last week, collected for repair on Wednesday. Feel as if something is missing and whilst still have my sewing, embellisher, Gem and overlocker machines, they do not have the same pull. Plus had hopes to finish all the cards and Christmas gifts for family and friends by mid February. Done most but have 3 gifts and cards still to make.

Because all my makes for 2015 have been mainly for gifts cannot show on here atm (in case some peaking goes on) but did get down to making for myself. This fabric has been in my stash for I think about 25 years, if not more. Never got rid of it as love the muted shades, now been made into a baggy comfortable overtop. Squared off the bottom as did not want rounded corners and shortened the sleeves. I always push long sleeves up so better to get rid of them first. Plus the biggest thing was I used my overlocker for the first time, a dream and made in far less time than normal. Did most of the seams straight on the overlocker instead of the sewing machine.

Really enjoying the clothes sewing and now back into it plan to make at least 1 garment a month.

New overlocker previously sat on it's own table

Seam done on said overlocker, stitched and cut all in one, love it.

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Hope to have more to show next week and that I have my machine back.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Second order of the year

Two orders in 1 week, the first the aprons shown on my last blog. Then an order from an old school friend (more years ago than I care to remember) for a Birthday card for a lady turned 105, how great is that. Plus a 30th wedding anniversary card and some change of address cards. The spec? Romany and Austria. I love to interpret what a customer is looking for, hopefully making a card or gift that cannot be found in any shop.

A Romany caravan with vintage wallpaper, straw hat with a teapot of flowers. Window embellished with cluney lace and opens to another Romany caravan parked up in a field.

Memory board effect with photos of Austria and a map. A beautiful country, have been myself to Kitzbuhel, St Anton, Vienna, Salzburg and Innsbruck to name a few. From the fabulous  Hahnenkamm to Villa Trapp and Zell am See. Well worth a visit.

Have been working hard on Birthday and Christmas gifts and cards for 2015, however my embroidery machine has decided it no longer wants to read the USB sticks, consequently I have ground to a halt. Emailed Janome and hope I hear some good news tomorrow. Depressed now and feel like throwing my rattle out of the pram. Funny had been thinking of making myself some clothes perhaps now may be the time to stop myself climbing the walls.

On top of that our Sky box is playing up and will be replaced on Thursday, then the printer has decided not to play ball, another one ordered as quite old and done us well.

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Until next week

Chief Helper when Mum is stressed

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Polka Dot Teapots and Aprons

My New Years resolutions to be ahead of the game are working. So far have made a start on a Birthday gift, completed 3 Birthday cards and 1 Christmas card plus finished a Christmas gift, doing well.

Having a break as received an order for 3 aprons from a group I am a member of on Facebook. Just goes to show the power of non-advertising works. Made in cotton fabric, cream with rosebuds and fun polka dot teapots in pink. So pretty and hope my customer likes them. They will be used with her business of vintage china hire.

Have also received an order from a old school friend for a 105th Birthday card, how great is that. A 30th anniversary card and 20 change of address postcards.

Must admit love being busy and these orders give me a break from the gifts and cards for family and friends.

I have joined this week with a new home for Handmade Monday with Lucy Blossom Crafts, click on the link below to view all the blogs taking part.

See you next week if not before and stay warm poked my nose out to photograph the aprons and oh boy is it cold.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

New Look and a New Year

For some snow and others mizzle and fog, in fact typical British weather.

A New Year time to plan, look back what worked what did not. Planning for events coming up in the first half of the year: Valentines Day, Mothering Sunday and Easter. Looking forward to the Spring my favourite time of year when flowers reappear hidden in dark soil for the winter, tete a tete, crocus, and Hyacinth. The birds wedding day then a deluge of babies chasing Ma and Pa round the garden.

A new look for my website and blog, gone back to PINK and polka dots, both of which I love. Have felt the plain white a bit clinical and had to choose a colour. Did consider others but at the end of the day it had to be Pink. My new ranges will include other colours but muted such as pale turquoise, green, pale blue, taupe, winter white and maybe just maybe a splash of red (so Nordic) with the odd bit of lilac. I find these base colours so calming and whilst do not suit everyone makes my focus so much better than dodging from one colour to another. Have also been reading up about websites and one of the recommendations is keep your products colour coded, you will then get to be known by those colours. Fabric not in these colours will be put on ebay, hopefully someone will be happy with them and put to good use.


Finally finished the Easter selection will be adding to my site under the heading Spring, another new idea split the site into seasons, with the current season at the top. As we all know us makers all work ahead of the game so Spring it is. Okay back to mug rugs, bunny egg cosies (so cute), lavender bunnies, lace Easter baskets, (ideal for mini eggs) Easter bunting, non fattening chocolate bunny earrings (guilt free) and finally a few applique bunny cards.

When using the blue print for the mug rug edges found these lovely tea cup prints on one side. Not to waste made into sachets and filled with delicious lavender

Now onto my next projects not sure what they may be yet but starting a Christmas gift early and thinking of sun, sea, sand gentle waves lapping on the beach. In a blink of an eye summer will be here.

Have a good week