Sunday, 19 June 2016

A week of not doing what I should have

Do you ever has those weeks when you have a 'To Do' list as long as your arm but end up not clearing anything off said list? Well that has been me this week, okay I did start and complete an order for 30 change of address cards plus a 70th Birthday card, not to forget a New Home card for Lee and I to send. So the things I ended up doing were not on the list but customers come first and the order came in on the 10th. Had to wait and see if a new number would be issued by BT before the main print of the cards but everything else done. The customer a long, long standing one as an old school friend and yes before you say it that was a very long time ago since schooldays but still stay in touch.

Visited the Guildford Means Business Expo at the Surrey Sports Park on Wednesday. Jenny from Women only Connected had a stall to try to get WoC out to a wider audience. Popped in and said Hello! had a chat to see how she was doing.

Not been to the Sports Park before and oh boy it is vast. Missed the Harlequins training at the front today as think they are down under. Did not think I was going to find the car park as hate roundabouts. Good job I went early as when I left the car park was full and grateful drivers were chasing down the leavers, lol. Even the overflow was full, very busy inside and a lot of business's represented.

Back to making downloaded a list of 'Day's' and found that Sister's Day is next, never heard of it but as have a sister thought would be churlish to ignore. Sometimes these 'days' may sound gimmicky but then again could be an idea to boost sales.

Selection cards and a lavender sachet

Same place next week and another busy week ahead but most of that will be spent sewing. Which means should have more to show and tell about next week.

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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Another week in the life of a crafter

As mentioned last week have a lot of decorating to do, primed and top coated the radiator cover, inside and out. Lee primed the tongue and groove. Then dissarster sttruck the Crown paint we were trying to use to cover the tongue and groove is rubbish, so thin even after 4 coats. Now all covered in white again and off next week to get our normal Dulux paint, stick with what works........

Anyway back to some crafting and Friendship Day gifts and cards, again one of those days that unsure whether works or not but in for a penny etc.

Friend bracelet, simply but a pretty gift to give. Ended up using felt as fabric just gave way under the outline stitching, now much stronger. Love the Kam snaps so easy to apply and all the colours are fantastic.

Some simple but pretty cards

Lavender sachet, this is an ideal small gift, perfect to hang in the car or on a wardrobe handle.

That is all for this week, going to the Guildford Means Business on Wednesday as Jenny from Women only Connected has a stand. Already registered must remember to print off my documents. Leaving Lee in charge of mutt, now that will be fun and games.

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Same time, same place next week. Have fun.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

A week of doing nothing

Yes you did read the title correctly. Have had the builders in putting tongue and groove  plus new doors in the hallway. Got making coffee down to a fine art, lol.  apart from the painting the hall is finished. Four doors, tongue and groove and a dado rail. Going to be mellow green on the tongue and groove, the doors remain as plain oak but stained with matt Sadolin. The dado rail, skirting and the top of the wall white.

I have not done any crafting as been baby sitting a whingy dog, he hates visitors as messes with his strict routine. Not that we have imposed him with a routine he has sorted his own daily life out and we have to work round him. Walkies, fun & games, snacks, naps, din dins more snacks and naps, then more snacks and naps ..........

Have been reading. Two books A Fowl Murder by Joanna Sheen, love her books based in Devon. Plus to top up an order with Amazon (must get free postage) bought the Mary Portas book 'Shop Girl' so far very interesting and have to drag myself away.

I get like this with books, so involved in the story line that everything else just disappears into the background.

Hope to get back into some creativity next week but then again the paint brushes may call me.

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Sunday, 29 May 2016



things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time.
"there were papers, letters, old boxes—all sorts of ephemera"

I love this word and what it conjures up apart from 'a short time' as feel that the fripperies that I make can be kept as keepsakes for a long time. As you can gather been making more fripperies this week, firstly some rose gift tags:

Vintage image mounted onto kraft card, decorated with lace, chandelier and dress form die cuts, roses, butterflies and faux silk ribbon. A perfect thank you gift or thinking of you.

Had a card making session, not made some in a while to sell mainly for friends and family. Have been asked lately for some, thought about time made some for my stock.

As you can see not done much this past week, next week pretty much the same. Have workmen in doing the hall tongue and groove, changing the doors for oak ones etc. I will be in charge of the dog, now that is going to be fun.

Have a good week

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Going crazy with Patchwork, Father's Day and Fripperies

I love crazy patchwork with embroidery and whilst have done by hand before, my new machine can do it for me. Saw this design and just had to make up in the muted colour fat quarters in my stash.

The patchwork hearts are an old make but still love them, something vintage about the styling

The good thing about crazy patchwork is you can use all those odd shape scraps of fabric that often get thrown out. Another excuse to hang onto everything.

Father's Day

Mug Rugs, and Cards

Never sure how popular this day is but saw the mustache and loved the design. Can be done as Happy Birthday as well on the mug rugs


Alice in Wonderland Watch Fobs

Vintage styling with an image printed onto fabric, pearls, crystals and roses.

Shabby Chic decos all hand sewn with cheesecloth, lace, ceramic button and a pearl

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That is all for this week hope to see you next Monday

Sunday, 15 May 2016

My Literary World

I love books and I mean real books not the iBooks or Kindle variety, whilst I understand they do have a place and in particular for holidays or commute travels they are ideal. For me at home have to have a proper book to open.

Over the years my reading has changed from Kathy Reichs with Temperance Brennan and gory murders to Debbie Macomber and Cedar Cove, with more authors in between. Still love the Agatha Christie murders with Miss Marple or Tommy and Tuppence as these let's be honest are gentle murders.  Also the murder books by Joanne Sheen, the lovely lady who produces fantastic CD roms for card making from Create and Craft.

My Latest read is The Teashop on The Corner by Milly Johnson

This book is about a teashop, yes on the corner, the lives of the people that meet up there but for me the most interesting part are the gifts sold in the tea room, all literary based. A light bulb went on for me and thought why not interpret into some fabric creations and jewellery. A new notebook started and filling up with ideas and sketches. May take a few weeks to complete but my brain is working overtime with ideas, let's hope I can pull it off to produce something that is of interest to other lovers of books. 

Funny the way things happen and I am a great believer they happen for a reason, this book found it's way into my online basket along with others similar and just clicked.

As you gathered this is my theme for May. The new plan and super organised me (lol) is to think of a theme for the month,start planning and ordering the month before, that way have everything to hand and don;t have to spend ages waiting for deliveries. 

I work well with themes as can focus my attention which does tend to be like a butterfly, flitting from one thing to the next. How do you work best? Themes, let the flow take you, structured. I have to have a passion and be fascinating in what I make and normally where possible to follow life or in my case the past as love vintage from Victorian era to about the 50's.

Well back to the makes done so far for the Literary theme starting with Alice in Wonderland. I am sure most of us have read the books and dreamt of falling down a rabbit hole to a new world, with all sorts of adventures. Well I did as a child, always the dreamer and wanted to go to Narnia.

Showed this length of fabric to you the other week, now all made up:

Frame Clutch bags with vintage gold tone A in W charm and a blue bow.

Pin Cushion books, fun to do and drafted my own pattern, plus worked out first time, miracles.

Mad hatter Tea Party tote bag

Lavender Sachets with faux silk crushed ribbon and a teacup or teapot charm

Couple of mug rugs one monotone the other design coloured

Alice in Wonderland Cards, printed onto fabric and mounted onto kraft cards

Vintage style Bookmarks

These will have more of a home in the Jane Austen collection, which will be coming soon, I hope. I say I hope as I get distracted and move on

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That's all for this week, hope to see you again next week,