Sunday, 19 May 2019

Handmade Monday #127

What a beautiful start to the week weather wise. did so much in the garden, spent money at the garden nursery. wisteria is now out and pretty shades of lilac and white.

Not doing as much making atm, mainly due to the fact that when I did a stock take and loaded all my products onto the Folksy shop. had a shock as to how much I had in stock. Wanted to use up some fabric I have had for a while and made 3 herb oven mitts and 1 tea cup one.

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See you next week

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Handmade Monday #126

Another week has gone and ever nearer Christmas, lol. Did do some sewing and pack the car for an event, more about that lower down.

The first creations were some Bee skirts, made from strips of fabric. with a happy bee applique design to the centre left.

Have a stash of vintage linens and doilies, been meaning to use for a while. Bought them at a vintage fair then put in a box and promptly forgot about the. Still have plenty plus vintage linens that I plan to use up mainly in a boho chic clothing range.

A doily pansy top/waistcoat was born. The blossom fabric gave a good base using my own drafted pattern. The pansies were a trim round some of the doilies and felt they looked better as centre pieces. Took an age to remove them all from the centre piece but got there in the end.

Had an event yesterday, only sold 1 card in the morning. Exhausting and soul destroying. Have cancelled the next 2 bookings and would rather stay home and promote. On a plus note heard from the good local one and booked in for November.

Today helping DH dig a path out round a bed, well I will be standing on the hose and supervising.

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Have a good week x

Goddess Day at Folksy

The theme for the Sunday 12th May is 'Goddess' have a a couple of cards and an embroidered bag that fit the brief.

All in my Folksy shop

Next on the list:

Wednesday - Swallows
Friday - Unicorns

Monday, 6 May 2019

Bluebirds and Blossom

Dainty bluebirds with a pink blossom stitched onto silver Fairy Frost fabric or pearl leatherette. Perfect little gifts all in my Folksy shop showcase.

Friday, 3 May 2019

London Time

London time to celebrate our capital and everything it has going for it. Best time I think the 60's when the table top designers started up such as Mary Quant.

All in my Folksy shop Showcase this week. Frame clutch bags, make up bags, wrist keyrings, crown, Union Jack and Telephone key rings.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

World Stationery Day on Folksy 1st May

The daily themes from Folksy are through and the 1st of May World Stationery Day had to add to my list of 'To Do's. I love stationery so much I took a course to learn how to book bind, now can make my own and to sell rather than buy. Do get distracted by a pretty notebook cover at garden centres though but if DH is with me he reins me in!

Notebooks, post it note covers, mini notebooks, pen sets, paper weights and pencil cases. all on my Folksy Store.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

Handmade Monday #122

Welcome to another week in my creative life. The plan is still working and doing well for me.


Some more dog cards this time Golden Retriever and Labradoodles.


Beagle and German Shepherd


Cocker and Springer Spaniel


As only needed a small shop this week had to fit in a trip to Waitrose. 
As in the right , well a slight detour, direction the car took itself to the Avenue Nurseries in Lasham, lol. Well it is Spring and the garden needs some colour.


Another set of dog cards, almost at the end this time West Highland Terrier and Dachshunds


Finally finished the dog cards Boxer and Schnauzer

That is it for me this week but have started some more knitting, more of a winter piece but can always put by for next year. Plus doing a stock take and ensuring every item has a price tag, is on the Paypal app, stock list. Then can sort what I am taking to the fair in May.

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Until next week