Sunday, 24 July 2016

House Mouse and too hot

Got our car back all repaired, valeted and an excellent job, so happy. Bought a beautiful David Austin Rose and pot as a gift for our terrace.

Crafting front, well? made a set of house mouse cards and sent off to a friend for her opinion. Unsure whether to sell individually or as a set in 3's or 6's.

The verdict is back: Suggestion sell the cards for £1.80 each, 3 for £5.00 and 5 for £7.50. I think this is a good idea and better than a full set. My friend and her DH thought leaving blank was better as that way can be used for any occasion. The kissing mice, top right, could be for a wedding, engagement or anniversary. Christine is now going to be my Chief Reviewer as know she will give me an honest answer plus she understands the work that goes into handmade but can also see from a buyers point of view. Her DH is a wildlife photographer and sells his prints as mounted pictures and cards, again he has invaluable advice for me.

As you can see not done much on the crafting front at all, mainly because unable to access Selling Preferences on Paypal since the 13th. Cannot add, amend or delete products, they do not know what has happened but they had scheduled maintenance on the 14th? To me does not take an idiot to work out when it all went wrong. At this rate will have to look for an alternative, have looked at Nochex but just not sure as to be unknown. I do not want to pay large amounts each month or year as may not get the money back.

Oh boy has it been hot this week, well for 2 days, asthma bad and got hardly any sleep. Tuesday night because of the heat and Wednesday night a helicopter was going round and round for an hour with search lights, this was about midnight 'til 1am. Now I know a lot of you may like the heat but just no good for me, chest tightens and start to panic which makes me hotter. Went to Austria on holiday years ago and although as hot never had a problem as the air was pure and clean.

Well that is it for me this week, did say not done much at all. check out the other blogs at Lucy Blossom Crafts

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Painting, painting and more painting

Quite happy not to see another tin of paint for some time, the stairs took an age mainly because 3 walls go up the full height of the house, not an easy task. Could not leave Lee on his own as would have meant climbing down the ladder to reload the roller. Still, now done, he started on the landing now which is on terra firma and I am free to do what I like, hence sewing.

Rolled Shopping Bags

This weeks makes? had rolls of fabric which I got as a win in a competition a few years back and never used. Decided to make some shopping bags which roll up for convenience, popped in a handbag just in case.

Wanted some feedback and made 1 for a friend along with a set of 4 cards which I have added to my website, for her to test and let me know what she thinks.


Have a lot of old buttons both from my Mum and MIL, thought would use some to make boutonnieres wrapped in a faux silk ribbon, with added ribbon and lace. I love old buttons and can remember going through my Grandmother's tins when young. A treasure trove of tiny prettiness.

Roses Grow On You

This saying takes me back to the old 'Roses chocolate'' adverts with Norman Vaughan, they don't make them like they used to, lol

Back to crafting bought 2 fat quarters of this pretty fabric made into a couple of frame bags. The silver tone roses, not even sure where I got them from or when, just add something as an embellishment. Used up the scraps into a set of rose potpourri sachets. Still have a fat quarter to use but atm undecided.

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Until next week enjoy the summer

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Vintage Baby and Fripperies

I subscribe to a new US magazine called Classic Sewing, mainly children but also weddings. Some wonderful project ideas and all classic styling.


This week made the linen hankie baby bonnet. Only problem I did not have a linen hankie so decided to make my own. You have to pull a warp and weft thread from all 4 sides, cut along these which gives a perfect square. Then pull out approx 4/5 threads about an inch in round all 4 sides. Fold the outer edges over twice and hand hemstitch round. Although this takes some time the result is so pretty and very peaceful to sit and hand sew. Once done the bonnet can be made with embellishments of your choice. I chose ivory lace round the front with lace hearts and organza ribbon for the ties.

Did not have a baby to model on so my silk flowers had to do. I loved making this and will certainly be making some more. Also think they would fit into my stall at the Home and Vintage shows.

This idea is a Victorian one and used to be given to a baby on their Christening, then when they got married they undid the stitches and had a keepsake hankie. I made mine with sturdy stitches so not an option and adding the lace to the front also puts paid to that idea but a good one.

Millifiori Pendant Necklaces

Some hand embroidered Millifiori pendants, found the hand embroidery very relaxing

Sold 3 within minutes of posting to my website, so happy.

Boho Style Bag

This is a new embroidery design and thought would look good in single colour embroidery, using a Paris print fabric. Adding the chain makes the bag special.

Fair props and display

Following on from the baby bonnet above finally made a sort of hat stand for displaying. Made from a kitchen roll holder, painted with Annie Sloan paint, half a 5" ball of polystyrene covered with fabric and lace added. Got the idea off Pinterest. Cost about £3.00 including the paint. Just goes to show how every day objects can be improved for craft displays.

Another display item, this time a towel rail (did have 3 various height bars but took out two of them). Bought years ago for £2.99 and have been using but without the paint or hooks and think looks much better painted than left as wood. Can use just with the hooks or add my pink wire heart.

As you can see I have found my desk in the workroom/stockroom. Still in the throws of a big sort out. All the surplus 'stuff' has been moved to the garden room, which now looks like a tip but this has given me room to work. Currently have the props and stock mixed together but want to separate and have to the two large shelves for stock with the smaller shelves for props. Finally when all done will do a stock take and make sure items are in the correct numbered boxes. Seem to spend a lot of time searching for items that the fairies have moved around, lol.

Got to decide with all the items I do not want do I put on ebay, facebook, table top or boot sale. Must admit not happy with boot sales as hate the way the gather round the car when you are trying to unpack. Doing this on my own makes it harder.

Notice Board

Treated myself to a noticeboard for my sewing room, from Crafty Little Me Crafts, so pretty but as soon as I unwrapped Lee whisked it away to put by for Christmas, so my treat has to wait.

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That is it for this week, have fun

Sunday, 26 June 2016

A busy week of planing and executing

Okay this week I spent a lot more time making products and some OOAK (one of a kind). I love to make OOAK mainly because I get bored with production line making and as I often use vintage embellishments which can never be bought again, do not have to worry about getting each piece the same.

Vintage Lady Silk Bag

I love crazy patchwork and whilst have done on the normal machine now have the embroidery machine which can do it all for me. This is an 8" X 8" square design, have added a vintage lady in photostitch embroidery to the front. One of the bag frames and handles from The Netherlands. These are glued as well as stitched in, as placed an order for some DMC Perle No. 8 thought this would look good as the stitching, which is more decorative.

 Victorian Reticule

Made in white cotton with a hint of silver glitter, with a machine embroidered photo
stitch vintage lady reading a letter, decorative scrolls on the top border. Loved making this again took ages but think worth it in the end.

Rose metal hearts

Picked these metal hearts up from Hobbycraft and being at a lose end turned into shabby chic beauties.

Next Project

Next project: Now this is a bit of a tease, 100% wool felt, threads and a bag frame, now what can I be making with these goodies. Not sure how long this will take as a lot of hand sewing, may be a few weeks before seen.

Silver Pendant Frames

Some pretty pendant frames again a hand stitched project in the wings.

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Have a wonderful week, happy crafting

Sunday, 19 June 2016

A week of not doing what I should have

Do you ever has those weeks when you have a 'To Do' list as long as your arm but end up not clearing anything off said list? Well that has been me this week, okay I did start and complete an order for 30 change of address cards plus a 70th Birthday card, not to forget a New Home card for Lee and I to send. So the things I ended up doing were not on the list but customers come first and the order came in on the 10th. Had to wait and see if a new number would be issued by BT before the main print of the cards but everything else done. The customer a long, long standing one as an old school friend and yes before you say it that was a very long time ago since schooldays but still stay in touch.

Visited the Guildford Means Business Expo at the Surrey Sports Park on Wednesday. Jenny from Women only Connected had a stall to try to get WoC out to a wider audience. Popped in and said Hello! had a chat to see how she was doing.

Not been to the Sports Park before and oh boy it is vast. Missed the Harlequins training at the front today as think they are down under. Did not think I was going to find the car park as hate roundabouts. Good job I went early as when I left the car park was full and grateful drivers were chasing down the leavers, lol. Even the overflow was full, very busy inside and a lot of business's represented.

Back to making downloaded a list of 'Day's' and found that Sister's Day is next, never heard of it but as have a sister thought would be churlish to ignore. Sometimes these 'days' may sound gimmicky but then again could be an idea to boost sales.

Selection cards and a lavender sachet

Same place next week and another busy week ahead but most of that will be spent sewing. Which means should have more to show and tell about next week.

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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Another week in the life of a crafter

As mentioned last week have a lot of decorating to do, primed and top coated the radiator cover, inside and out. Lee primed the tongue and groove. Then dissarster sttruck the Crown paint we were trying to use to cover the tongue and groove is rubbish, so thin even after 4 coats. Now all covered in white again and off next week to get our normal Dulux paint, stick with what works........

Anyway back to some crafting and Friendship Day gifts and cards, again one of those days that unsure whether works or not but in for a penny etc.

Friend bracelet, simply but a pretty gift to give. Ended up using felt as fabric just gave way under the outline stitching, now much stronger. Love the Kam snaps so easy to apply and all the colours are fantastic.

Some simple but pretty cards

Lavender sachet, this is an ideal small gift, perfect to hang in the car or on a wardrobe handle.

That is all for this week, going to the Guildford Means Business on Wednesday as Jenny from Women only Connected has a stand. Already registered must remember to print off my documents. Leaving Lee in charge of mutt, now that will be fun and games.

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Same time, same place next week. Have fun.