Sunday, 23 September 2018

Party Girl, Scrubbies

Have just checked and only 93 days until Christmas, that means 54 days until the Christmas Fair. The plan is to stop making 1st November and concentrate sorting out product to take, along with any pricing labels. Stall props etc. Then if spare days will make if I feel the need.

I got through to the next stage of the Gorilla Glue Challenge, will let you know if I make the grade or not. The prize is guest blogger for a year plus supplies of glue. DH did say what am I going to do with all the glue if I win! typical man!

Makes this week:

Party Girl cards

Face Scrubbies

These are washable which means works out much cheaper than the bought ones, plus I think prettier backed with a double layer of muslin.

Had a photoshoot for Lloyds Bank this week. They contacted me back in late 2017 (which I promptly forgot about!) for a survey about technology I use for the business. Got a phone call for the 2nd interview a couple of weeks ago along with the photographer arriving yesterday. Hate having my photo taken at the best of times but the chap who did the photos was  a lovely chap and made me feel at ease. Have a high regard for pro-models now as not sure how they do it for hours. I was exhausted after 45 minutes! The images if used will go in their business marketing brochures for potential business clients.

Had a phone call from my sister and her sewing group want to see my cards. Got to get a move on with the Christmas ones now but will let her have the every day box first, then swap to Xmas when done.

All go at Ocala Towers.

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Have a fun week

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Handmade Monday

Welcome to another week, ever nearer Christmas. Think Autumn is almost upon us, the trees are changing colour quite quickly. I do love autumn though, walking on crisp dry mornings, the leaves crackling under your feet. Breath soft white clouds as you breath and back for hot chocolate and a sit by the fire, bliss. The heat we had in the summer a long distance memory.

Back to reality, atm anyway. Been reading 'In Her Studio' a new publication by Stampington. All about business women and their creative spaces. One comment made by Verena Fay hit home:

One day I focus on painting, one day it is all about Instagram, filming, or editing and one day is planning, organising or experimenting on something new.

This got me to thinking that I do not have a structure to my days. Okay not always a bad thing but found a box of makes that had not been photographed, added to my website nor blogged about. Found my creative planner under a load of rubbish and have now scheduled a day for social media, a day for photographing and website etc and minimum of 3 days to create a week. Will see how that goes.

Wednesday spent the morning photographing, adding to website and blogging (this one) about my new makes.

Dream Catcher collection

Wonderland cards

I like a lot of creative people hate doing the mundane jobs such as those listed above. This way making a set day I am hoping gives me focus and ensures that I do what I should!

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Until next week, happy creating.

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Somethings work and others that do not

Think we have all been there, try something new only to find does not work out or in this case takes too long to justify the RRP. Dog and cat pencil cases. I love them but sadly this will be the only 3, 2 dogs and 1 cat.

The burp cloths were much better, although on saying that hated the dimple fleece for the backing. Whilst lovely and soft stretched and a real pain. Did get these 5 made though.

Now debating what to do next, will have to look at my list. Ordered some old fashion pegs to make into tree decorations and they have not turned up. Not sure what is happening there been in contact with the supplier.  Next project may make some more cards as that seems to keep me busy and quiet.

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Until next week, have a creative time.

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Gorilla Glue Challenge

Recently I was approached by Gorilla Glue to do a blogging challenge. Never one to turn this sort of thing away, love challenges as keep me on my toes. Decided to go for a memory frame with 3D handmade foamiron flowers and an embroidered quote.

Selected a large memory frame from Hobbycraft, stitched the quote onto Fairy Frost fabric on my embroidery machine. The mount board was easy as already in stock a pale blue pearlised colouring. Think it looks perfect in the white frame. Made a selection of flowers and leaves with foamiron, my first time. Coloured with some stamping inks to add dimension, adding crystals and beads for the centres.

Found the Gorilla glue perfect for adhering the mount to the design and the superglue with thin nozzle was perfect for the flowers, leaves and beads.

I love this quote and always seem to work in pastels.

Hope you enjoy

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Craft Bucket List & Handmade Monday

Welcome to my latest blog post. This post comes from Julie and her punch needle post last week. I also have a punch needle set that I bought back in the 90's and never used. Got me thinking that maybe I should have a craft Bucket List.

So Far:
  1. Tambour embroidery, have the needles just need to have a go
  2. Punch Needle as above
  3. Lace making, again bought a kit years ago just sitting in the cupboard
  4. Crochet, this is a wip as started then got distracted but must give it another go.

I am also guilty of buying fabric, papers etc for specific projects put them in a drawer or cupboard for safe keeping. Promptly forgotten only to be found when trying to find something else. I have enough stock that if I sorted everything would probably find duplications of certain items in fact have enough to open my own small craft shop.

This also brings me onto organising myself. Found some Artbin boxes ideal for cards, they call them satchels but nothing like a satchel I remember.

Also some 8 X 8 boxes from the US, not arrived yet but due the end of the month

Have done some makes this week, some more gift cards

Craft Fair makes

Some A7 notebooks, sold in packs of 2, with a tag and wrapped with twine. These will be sold for £1.00 per pack and use up all those bits of paper, we all hold onto. Every other page is a design and a plain side to write on.

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Until next week, happy creating!

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Getting organised or not!!!

Now I have a craft organiser, I write in what I have made and plan for ideas which sounds perfect. However, I get distracted by new ideas, a piece of fabric, length of lace or fancy buttons. Go off in a different direction than that planned. Only to find missing something that needs to be ordered or can I persuade DH that we need to go to so and so, right next to the shop I need! (So bad, lol).

Anyway makes this week:

Girl Stuff bags

Inspirational mug rugs

Okay project boxes found, now to decide what I am going to do for the next 2 creations and check I have everything I need.

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Until next week, have fun x

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Handmade Monday

This week received the first edition of a new magazine by Stampington a company in the US. I have been lucky to have been featured in Haute Handbags before. Love their publications as felt they filled for me a gap which the UK magazines did not fill. This latest publications is called ‘In her studio’ Spaces and stories of creativity women. Showing where they work could be from a purpose built studio space (I can only dream of) to a cupboard under the stairs. The reason is that we all need somewhere to create which we call our own, not having to clear the table in the dining room when the family wants to eat. To close the door on any mess, knowing when we re-enter that all will be the same. A place of calm and a hive of creativity. If you can get a copy well worth the read and who does not like to see how or what other creatives studios look like.

I am lucky to have 2.5 rooms my Sewing room upstairs, workroom downstairs and half of the study where the computer sits. I am not the tidiest of people and often know that I have ‘something’ but just cannot put my hands on it. Go in search to find said item only to find treasures long forgotten. Have been known to arrive back in my sewing room and instead of what I had planned have gone of in a tangent.

This happened to me last week, went looking for? Cannot remember now, lol but found some plate cards with stands, so pretty. Could not tell you where I got them from or when but had a light bulb moment. Only done 1 so far but a dainty embroidery on white fabric with glitter, in pastel colours of flowers and a butterfly. Placed behind a frame on the front of the card plate and voila! Will be doing some more with similar designs as feel they fit so well.

Also on this search found 2 empty M & S spice jars, must have used the contents and did not to throw away as you just never know when an idea will strike. Have seen a lot of fairy jars with lights but decided to make these to have fairy children inside, with moss and flowers. Made upside down so the base has a pretty paper flower with diamant√© centre. Pretty guipure lace trim and a ribbon bow on the lid which is now the base, you get the idea. 

I love origami with paper but these little fabric bags are so cute and use up those small bits of fabric we all have, if you sew!

Now almost Christmas, well 142 days to be exact but never too early to start on decorations. These are made from carol music (Hark the Herald Angels) printed onto beige marble paper, with an vintage angel head and of course glitter.

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Until next time, have fun and be creative x