We've Got It All Sewn Up

We've Got It All Sewn Up

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Spring? what a beautiful week

What a glorious week this has been, although cold at times in the most part sunshine, plants bursting into flower one of my favourite times of the year. Outside my sewing room window I have a flowering cherry and had the windows open this week and the room was bathed in a pink glow, so beautiful and makes me feel calm and full of inspiration.

Not too much wrong with my small world when nature can produce something so stunning.

On the making front tasks of finishing and planning, been laid low with the flu but got back into the sewing this week with some small nail file holders in pastel and brights not to mention animal print.

Fairy Tale Pillow 
Alice in Wonderland

I love these collage designs and complimented with the vintage style spotted fabric perfect for any nursery. Went against the white this time as felt this would hold up better with sticky fingers.

Thinking of Paris now so for my next project .......

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Bargain buys for Fairs and Poppies

Been busy in the garden this week as the weather has been so good, apart from the pollution levels which had me back on the puffers, all has been good but busy. Must admit the levels round here have not been bad at all but going just 15 miles up the A3 and all change, I suppose more cars, towns whilst we are in the country.

I find that having small ticket items at events is so useful as these can be the bread and butter of your stall and attract attention. My makes this week are hair clippie holders in the shape of flowers, simple but so pretty for a little girl's room. 

My stock take and sorting has been finished, never been this tidy on the stock front. Boxes labelled, spreadsheet of every item along with the box they are in. Website updated with oodles of more products and paypal checked and agrees with the website. Took longer than I thought it would, mainly because I went wrong part way through in such a muddle had to start over. Now have a laminate check list when adding new items or deleting sold ones. As I am now so tidy think of all the spare sewing time I have left.

The spare sewing time has been put to good use, having stashed this poppy fabric a while back, sourced some vintage style bronze bag frames and with a touch of black lace two new clutch bags appeared.

Monday, 31 March 2014

Where Women Create Business latest issue

Dropping through my letterbox the latest issue of WWCB and again does not disappoint. I love to read stories of women forging their way in the creative world and I love Patti Hughes article 'Natural Life' how her passion for handmade led her to a successful business.

I know myself and others could never achieve what some of these women have but good to know that there are so many realising their dreams.

Enjoying this beautiful weather, the sun and warmth just makes you feel so good and full of energy. Currently working on ensuring that all my stock is on my website, until I started this task had no idea I had so much made. think my passion for making ran away with my need to stock take and have a full website. Another resolution to make, price, photograph, detail, list in a stock list and post to my website. A plan? will it fail? I do hope not as after this sort out have enough to open a shop!

Enjoy the Springtime

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Inspirational Words

Words can mean so much and wanted to create something that was longer lasting than a word spoken in that second. Love linen and these mini pillows are simple yet can mean so much, a little linen pillow of inspiration to help a loved one start a new journey, just one word or a few.

Aspire, Dance, Dream, Laugh, Love, Shine, Sing and Smile, all made in linen fabric and random colours for the wording, a 17 X 8cm small pillow of inspiration.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Mojo Back

Been a while since my last flurry of making, my mojo has been on holiday and left me at home, not sure where it has been hope it was somewhere good. Any way back and with events looming:

Shabby Chic Nail File Holders Large £3.00

Tweetie Bird Brooches or Pins £4.00

May add these to my site later this week, hoping these will be bread and butter items for the next event on the 5th March at the Liss Monthly Market 9am to midday. 

Hope to add some smaller nail file holders next week, waiting for some Tear Away stabiliser, my fault left until I ran out to order. Not to one self order earlier next time!!!!

Have a great week and enjoy this beautiful weather we are having, our harden is looking wonderful with all the spring bulbs, not to mention the Magnolia, I love this tree and perfect just outside the office window. Have to wait a few weeks for the flowering cherry in full bloom outside my sewing room, bliss. Sadly the sun is so bright the colour of the blooms does not show up that well.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

New Daphne's Diary

The new issue of Daphne's Dairy has just landed on my door mat and again does not disappoint. Packed full of so many excellent articles and ideas to make, planning on spending a morning just reading through. Can be bought from Unique Magazines or Daphne's Diary in the Netherlands.

If you want a quality publication with a vintage twist then this is it.


Friday, 28 February 2014


Well what a February rain, rain and yet more rain, howling gales and so many poor people flooded out of homes, farms and business premises. Train lines washed away, sea defences collapsed. Not sure when this will end but know that with the true British mentality, we will pick ourselves up, dust off and start again. The Great British Bulldog attitude will come to the fore and we will not be beaten. On another note it has been beautiful the last few days, dry and sunny and dare I say a tad warm, not sure how long that will last as due some snow today.

I love bunting be it plain or decorated and think something that is such fun to add to a patio, gazebo, child's room or adults and more. Have ventured into the French flag bunting as a special order along with a 'Sale' or company name before but this time for something a little bit special - Teddy Bunting. These teddies are shabby chic or well loved depending on your slant on this cute and cuddly character. Shown here in polka dots blue for a boy and pink for a girl:

and a close up of the design

Made to order only, easy to post and a totally different gift for a new arrival.

Making lots of Birthday gifts that will remain under wraps until the big days, as some of these are the end of the year quite long wait. I have a private event at a local retirement complex in March so the next few weeks, along with Easter items will see me concentrating on these events.

Stay warm, safe and dry x