Sunday, 26 February 2012

Is Spring here yet?

The crocus are popping their heads above the soil a dash of colour on a dreary day and think almost Spring. To me seems to have been a long, long winter and although the weather has not been as bad as previous years am really looking forward to the Spring and Summer. Perhaps an age thing that I need warmth on my bones.

Talking of Spring ordered some fantastic fabric for the school bags, I just love it so summery and reminds me a tad of Easter. Now not one to waste anything had to make some Easter Egg Hunt bags, embroidered with a cute bunny or chick, ideal to stash all those chocolate goodies in or use to fill with eggs and give as a gift to the grand children. Or fill with scented goodies from Just Soaps of the Earth for a perfect pampering gift for a Mum, Nan or girlfriend, all of Jane's products have less fattening centres.

The Easter bags are available on my website or Wow Thank You

The reason for the fabric purchase in the first place school laundry bags, should brighten up the dorms.

This fabric just spoke to me although only enough to make 2 laundry bags in each colour way just felt the need to stop my finger itching and had to buy. On arrival there was extra as the end of a length so 3 bags out of the pink at no extra cost, Yippee!!

The cut off's? well the hearts spoke to me of a little Princess so eager to be big and grown up but still in love with fantasyland, fairies and the Princess in the castle. This time as actual mini tote bags, ideal as a gift can be filled with all manner of things for a perfect little girl or just because she is your Princess.

That is all from me this week off to make some embroidered lace 3D butterflies into pins/brooches. Debating whether to add to a card to become a Carte et un Cadeau a card and gift in one or leave as stand alone, leaning towards the card idea as I have so many CD's with some beautiful vintage style papers. Oh well decisions, decisions you will just have to wait for next week.

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Have a wonderful creative week in Craft Land


  1. What very pretty material, Caroline, very spring-like. The bags look lovely, especially the one with the chicken on. You are right, spring is definitely on the way - thank goodness. No more snow please, and if it has to be frosty not too much. Hope you have a good week.

  2. They're lovely, and what gorgeous gift bags they'd make too.

  3. I love the idea of creating bags for collecting Easter Eggs in! It's a shame that now I am too old to collect enough Easter Eggs to need a bag :-) These are a FAB idea I love them! X

  4. Lovely bags Caroline - the yellow fabric is really spring like. You have been busy this week. (as ever!) Mich x

  5. What gorgeous bags, I want an easter egg one! Every time I read your posts I think about getting myself a sewing machine but making things like these must take years of practise and dedication. x

  6. I love the 'Princess' embroidery and the fabric is beautiful.

    The gift on a card sounds a good idea, it's sometimes difficult making decisions, do I, don't I, do I, should I, but I'm sure you will make the right choice in the end.

    Jan x

  7. What lovely pretty bags. Where do you get your fabulous fabric from?
    Jo x

  8. Caroline

    I love all the new fabric, your right they do remind you of Spring.

    Have a fantastic week!

  9. Caroline - the quality of your stitching is amazing... what great ideas for Easter!

  10. Very pretty, Caroline. The spring time colorways make me yearn for the garden to bloom. What fun you're having with the machines!

  11. I love the fabric, it is so spring like!

  12. I have to say, those fabrics are just so beautiful I could just look at them all day. Of course you have made gorgeous things of them too. They would make lovely gifts for anyone. Great work as always.

  13. I agree these would make gorgeous gifts. Lovely, pretty fabric and embroidered details on the bags. Just delightful x

  14. I am loving the fabrics you've used for all your bags, the yellow tho is my fave!! So bright and cheerful!! X

  15. Lovely bags, particularly like the Easter egg bags

  16. Just adorable Caroline! Makes me want to hunt for Easter eggs too. Your work is so happy and joyful!
    The Polka Dot Rose

  17. So lovely, especially the princess bags!

  18. Hi Caroline:) Happy Spring-ish day to you! I love the easter bags and the Princess bags are too cute!!! I know the students must adore the laundry bags. Very Pretty.

    (()) Gail


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