Sunday, 25 September 2011

Preparing for October - Wear It PInk

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a special drive on the 28th, as a business I would like to do my bit and have registered for and info pack. Plan to make a selection of gifts, in pink of course, donating 20% of all sales, plus have a donation button for the standard £2.00 or more. Would be good if more of us could get involved and one way would be to blog pink every Monday during October, if anyone wants to join in am happy to add a special link to your websites from mine reciprocated of course. You never know we may get our own shop hops going plus help a good cause at the same time.

Now onto Handmade Monday and Show and Tell Monday
Finally sorted out my excessive 'To Do' lists and think they were a hindrance rather than a help, looking at a list a mile long does not do much for the enthusiasm to tackle one task let alone 100's. So well pruned and have decided to concentrate on one week at a time, things that are not due this week get pushed to the back of my mind. Pictures taken and website updated for my 'Dear Santa' plaques, commissioned order for a ballet slipper applique bag with a name embroidered on the front done and being posted off on Monday. This left me Sunday to stitch/craft to my heart's content and 2 petal fleece baby jackets, fit 6-12 months old, lined in pink cotton.

Continuing the ballet theme and not one to waste fabric, door pillows these follow on from my 'Best Friend' for cat and dog lovers earlier in the year.

Magnet Cartes et de Cadeaux, a gift on a card, dinky glass tiles backed with pretty paper and a magnet, placed onto a card representing a notice board, a message can be added. An easy way to post a gift without breaking the bank.
 1 down another  9 to go but think that will be for another day.

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Have a good week and don;t forget to check back on Thursday for 'Handmade by Me' blog hop.



  1. Wow. Gosh. You have been soo busy. Love the door cushions and the top. I will do what I can towards your pink project.

  2. The baby jackets are just gorgeous. What a busy week! Anna x

  3. The fleece baby jackets are so nice - lovely colours and it is so nice to see them made in a patterned material. Well done.


  4. Love the baby jackets! The pink project sounds a fab idea.

  5. You are alaways so creative carlolee love all your posts on the handmade in hampshire site too well done on getting your photo on their profile xxxx

  6. Love those baby jackets, pretty and practical. Pink Project sounds interesting!

  7. Caroline I so love your things. The little baby jackets are gorgeous!

  8. Hi Caroline, I love your new work. Hope all is well with you.

  9. What a lovely idea and such nice things you have made too, I'm going to be an auntie in January and the baby jackets are gorgeous, just what my niece will be wearing! x

  10. The door cushions are delightful, I can think of a number of little, not to mention big girls who would love them :)

  11. Lovely jackets. You have been really busy, what would I have to do to join in 'Blog it Pink'?

    Jan x

  12. Those door cushions are beautiful and I just love the baby jackets - all warm and snuggly! Busy week then?

  13. Hi caroline, I love the sweet baby jackets. They are so pretty. Of course I love the color. The message board would make a great gift for sure. I hope you have a great week and get lots of creating done.
    (()) gail


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