Sunday, 4 September 2011

September crafting

Good Morning All and welcome to another week of crafting. Had a commission for a birthday card a bit last minute but as a friend have forgiven her. The spec was river, lakes and Cotswolds so Thomas Kinkade was perfect:

and as on a roll decided to get my friends card done at the same time:

gift wrapped, made a Swarovski Heart pendant with pearls and crystals on a sterling silver chain.

Yet another birthday card, at this rate will be starting on 2012, lol

A card for a friend of DH's who is a movie buff

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That's all from me for this week folks

Happy Crafting!


  1. Very pretty! Love how handmade cards can be themed to match the recipient.

  2. Love your cards. They have that very expensive look. I wonder how you do it? Just thinking aloud, not nicking your ideas. lol.

  3. The little bridge on the first card is lovely and I love the movie card too. It's great that you can be so versatile in your designs.

  4. There's nothing like a personalised card is there? Your recipients will really appreciate the thought that has gone into making thesse cards - they're lovely

  5. Love the silver butterfly. The film themed card is very unique- that's the great thing about handmade, how unique things are.


  6. Love the film card, so clean and sophisticated :)

  7. I adore the movie card! Its so different - never seen a card like it. And I do like the butterfly on the birthday card!

  8. Lovely cards - I am a massive Thomas Kinkade fan and have been lucky enough to visit his main studio in Carmel, California on a few occasions.

    One of the things I love so much is that handmade means that everything can be adapted to suit a purpose.

    Ali x

  9. They're great, love the movie one.


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