Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Continuing a theme of ghosties and ghouls

The year is racing past and not sure will get everything done I want to this year, always happens start off in January with all good intentions and new ideas interrupt my organisational chart and in a blink of an eye the year has gone. Indian summer over and autumn is well and truly here the last few months to Christmas will be gone in an instant, so some comprehensive planning needed with 'To Do' lists expanding daily. Plan to put on some Christmas music for my planing session, always gets me in the mood for the festive season, so watch this space......

Back to Handmade by Me Thursday blog hop and continuing with Halloween a purple and black tutu, did not quite finish as still have the purple ribbon to sew around the waist but almost there.

this tutu may already be sold but they can be made to order, appearing on my website any day now.

Check out the other participating blogs in the link below, off to hunt for white pom pom trim for a red and white tutu for Christmas and Halloween decorated rosettes on lolly sticks to come next Monday.


  1. Purple, orange and black are such stunning colours - very autumnal even if aimed specifically at Halloween. Bet the tutu's will be very popular - especially the Christmas ones.

  2. Its times like these when I wish I had a young Granddaughter. I would love to get her one as I am certain it would be a hit with any little girl. Its absolutely lovely without being too over-the-top.

  3. I'm exactly the same, start the year off with all good intentions, but get distracted by new ideas and then before I know it summer in long past and I'm rushing round like a crazy woman trying to finish things in time for Christmas :)


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