Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Christmas Card for nearest and dearest

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A Christmas card for my husband, every year I struggle to come up with a different theme but this year just love the tatty Teddies, here's hoping he feels the same.

He hates 3d decoupage but loves embossed cards, so kept it flat but found the blue embossed snowflake paper yesterday at Art of Craft.

Back on Monday for 'Handmade Monday' and look forward to seeing you them.


  1. Thats a lovely card Caroline :) i love the embossed effect :)

  2. A lovely card and the blue looks gorgeously icy - very Christmassy. I like embossed card, very eye-catching.

  3. Aw bless. Thats lovely Caroline. The overall effect is smashing. He should be impressed.

  4. Hi Caroline, I love this card. Its just adorable and I know Lee will love it. You are so organized and ahead of the game! Thats great.
    (()) Gail

  5. Hi Caroline,, I love this card its so cute. I know Lee will love it. You are so ahead of the holidays!
    Have a great week and happy creating,(()) gail

  6. Tatty may be very very popular now, but I remember when he was first out and he was a special person for me and Mrs Jason!

    Loving your take on the card!


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