Sunday, 23 October 2011

A week of sorting

Sorting? a week? well not quite. I have been wanting to sort my stock for some time but craft and life just gets in the way, well I got in the way. The thought of trawling through oodles of stock, checking price tags and listing was daunting to say the least and I love to create but took the plunge on Saturday and have 2 boxes full of lovely goodies all easy to find. Have another 3 boxes to fill and think I will need to buy some more bit have made a start! Have got to buy some proper numbers next week.

Thought I deserved a break from all the hard work and having received some new fabric through the post on Saturday and it was just sitting and calling to be made into what? as lavender print thought sachets:

Strawberry sachets from fabric in my stash

These items have been priced and stock listed already, just hope this new super organised me continues and putting old, old stock on ebay next weekend as think another free listing is due.

Last week my blog was selected by Popular Crafts Magazine section Word on the Web, very proud and feel privileged that out of all the wonderful blogs out there mine was selected.

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  1. Sorting is always such hard work! Lovely sachets and brilliant news about Popular Crafts magazine!

  2. Goodness. You are getting so organised it can be scary. Love the little sachets, they look so appealing and eyecatching.

  3. The materials you have used looks so vibrant - gorgeous strawberries. they look lovely. Well done with the sorting out - I am very impressed and very jealous. It's great being in print, isn't it?

  4. Well done on the magazine thing. I envy you so much the sorting - do you want to come and do mine?

  5. sorting? yes always on the list but never quite find the time. Love your sachets.
    Well done on your award too, well deserved.


  6. I must say I am totally unorganised and do need to do exactly what youve accomplished this week well done you often find forgotton items tooo xxxx

  7. Lovely sachets, I always have strawberry ones in my bedroom draws, its so nice to get your undies in the morning and have a blast of strawberry LOL

  8. I love the feeling of getting all organized! Congratulations:) I love, love, love the sachets. Both the lavender and strawberry! I hope you get alot done this week too. Hugs and happy creating.

  9. Congratulations! Wonderful. :) And sorting, it must be that time of year. We worked on the attic (sad news, rats got into some of my stuff, I don't want to talk or think about it, FL is just a bad place to store things between the horrid creatures and the dampness.) and then, while finally rearranging my back room to make my craft room really usable space, I discovered a roof leak! This has not been a good weekend. Phooey.

  10. Caroline

    Glad you were able to get your stock sorted.

    Congratulations on having your blog featured!

    Enjoy the week.

  11. So organised! Lovely news about the mag well done and super little sachets

  12. Love the fabrics you picked for the Sachets!! So colorful!! Congratulations on your Blog making the Magazine, I just love Surprises like that!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  13. It is daunting to organize~ that's why I just don't do it. Love the sachets.

  14. I really nees to do some sorting out too! Maybe i shall use you as inspiration lol
    And congrats being in the mag x

  15. Your little sachets look mega cute. I have boxes to sort out too and not looking forward to it as it never all seems to go back into the same number thar it comes out of!!! Hugs Mrs A.

  16. Very envious of your ability to get organised and very cute little bags. Well done on the mag article - it's alway nice when the hard work pays off!

  17. Well done on being chosen! You announced that in a very calm manner - I don't think I'd have been quite so restrained! I love the little strawberry bags. Anna x

  18. I'm impressed! You go girl!
    Great show and tell.
    The Polka Dot Rose

  19. Great news on the magazine, well deserved I'd say.
    Love the sachets, the fabric is a great choice. Very pretty :o)

    Jan x


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