Sunday, 16 October 2011

Red and white, Santa and a tree must be Christmas

Another week has crept past ever nearer the festive season and another Handmade Monday with 
1st Unique Gifts and Show and Tell with the wonderful ladies from Make Mine Pink.

Good News this blog is in print, well in recommended blogs in Popular Crafts magazine along with Jills' Christmas Pie Crafts. We are both so excited  and good after all these years to be recognised. Have to buy a copy or 2 and plan to add a pagelet to my website as any press coverage is good.

Red and white tutu was the make of the weekend, took a look outside and such beautiful weather and as due to change for the worse later this week thought better try to see the lawn again and get rid of all those leaves

Door hangers one with a Father Christmas and the other with a tree and gifts, machine embroidered onto mistletoe fabric backed with white felt, a perfect decoration for any door handle.

More of these will be added over the coming weeks, with different backing fabric and designs.

Check out Show and Tell with the wonderful ladies of Make Mine Pink


1st Unique Gifts Blog

Have a great week peeps getting ready for Halloween on the 31st and Happy Crafting



  1. Yay - well done for the Popular Crafts feature - I'll have to buy for a read! The door hangers are a fab idea.

  2. Ooooh, the tutu is lovely - don't the two colours look gorgeous? Very Christmassy. Love the door-hangers - a really great idea.

  3. I have already posted about the lovely tutu but had not seen the door hangers, arn't they nice. They should sell well as they have a wide appeal.
    Well done for the publicity. Gotta be good news. I will try and get a copy on Tuesday. Don't usually subscribe to them but just this

  4. Caroline, your tutu is fab-u-lous!!! And your door hangers are different to any others I have seen. Gorgeous!! xx

  5. I love the door hangers! Those are so cute. I am so in love with Christmas things, and I can't believe it's rushing right toward us, what happened? :)

  6. Congrats on the Popular Crafts. Loving the little tutu - and the door hangers - very Christmassy Mich x

  7. love that tutu!! Sadly I'm too old for one of those now!

  8. I am about to embark on making a tutu so would be very curious to know how you made yours?! Love those door hangers too :o) Congrats on the publicity aswell! x

  9. Congratulations on your Popular Crafts mention.
    The tutu's are really pretty and I love your door hangers, very chrismassy.

    Jan x

  10. I love the Santa door hanger, This time of year is fabulous, I love Halloween and Christmas, they are one of my two favourite times of the year.

  11. Super news about Popular Crafts! I love your door hangers they just hit the spot

  12. Caroline

    I absolutely love the tutu! The holiday door hangers are awesome as well.

    Have a fantastic week!

  13. Congrats on the feature!

    Oh how I wish I was still young, dancing and then I could wear a tutu again. But that was such a loooong time ago... I'd frighten the local wildlife if I did that now!

    Your design reminds me of Isodora Duncan...hmmmm lovely memories of a past existence.

    Kim x

  14. great door hangers! they get me into a real festive mood :)

  15. Hi Caroline,, Congratulations on your feature. That is always awesome to be recognized by our peers! I love your sweet tutu. That will be so cute on a little girl at Christmas time:) The door hangers are as cute as can be!
    Have a good week, stay warm and happy creating.
    (()) Gail

  16. Well done for the blog feature in Popular Crafts:) I really like the door hangers great idea:)

  17. Hi Caroline! Love, love, love the tutu. Who wouldn't love to prance and dance around in that beauty!
    The Polka Dot Rose


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