Sunday, 24 April 2016

Last blog for April

Been a busy week Lee (DH) had his Birthday and a bit of a rush to get all the gifts wrapped. I know normally so well organised but kept forgetting to buy some gift wrap. Cake made a mandarin and Cointreau gateau, very tasty but you would not want too much of it. Cooked him his favourite meal Sea Bass with crispy potato wedges, prawn and cream sauce and veges. I stuck to chicken and salad, do not eat fish and cannot eat rich food.

Had to have my normal blood test on Tuesday, needed to be at the Doc's by 8.10. Talk about a rush dog played up and exhausted by the time got to the surgery.

There is a new M & S Simply Food opened in Weyhill. About 3 miles from the surgery, so dragged Lee along for a browse, very impressed and fully stocked. A few goodies ended up in the trolley. Back via the garden centre for some farm manure (delightful) but so good mulching the borders.

On the making front this week, finished the Autumn falling leaves bag and the tutorial for submission to Haute Handbags. The weather was kind to let me photograph outside in natural light. They are quite specific about the submission image and has to be on  a white back ground. Photo taken and winging it's way via email. If they like what they see the actual bag has to be sent to CA with the tutorial via email. Fingers crossed, hope to hear by the end of May.

Really happy with how it turned out and love the fact that the leaves curl, makes them look more realistic.

Normal makes this week a babies sun dress and matching panties in a vintage print. Always loved making baby clothes but so many cheap alternatives out there, hence the vintage styling.

Wrap sundress and matching panties

A nursery scene with a name plaque for a new addition to the family. Have ordered the birch doweling and end caps to go through the ribbon hoops.

Birthday Cards for last week

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  1. Happy belated birthday to hubby, my hubster loves sea bass too, it's his fave fish dish.
    Love the dress, the design is great, I adore the crossover back.
    Oh if only I could sew as neatly as you, the leaves and plaque are lovely.
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you :)

  2. I love the leaves on the bag, and the cross over style of the baby dress. Matching pants are so cute.

  3. The leaves are just lovely, fingers crossed indeed!

  4. The leaves and the dress are beautiful. I love your tiny vintage dress form :)

  5. omg i actually thought they were real leaves lol well done its stunning!


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