Sunday, 10 April 2016

Scent of Roses

Well even though I say so myself have not done badly this week. The sorting is coming along nicely doing in little steps is so much better, still a long way to go in the sewing room but starting was the hardest bit. In fact has got be buoyed up to continue when finished in the rest of the house. We did start on the top attic last year but ground to a halt. The plan at the time was to have the top one empty and only use the small one above the utility room. Not to mention the bedroom cupboards also need doing, plus have too many clothes I do not wear.

Made up 2 slipcases for an order, personalised one for and iPad


the other for a Mac Book Pro, meeting up with Jenny next week for coffee and a chat, hope she likes them in person.

I mentioned about colours last week and have done an article for the next PCG publication but thought would add some pic's here to show the different sets of colour ways. I love paint chips and always collect some when I go to Homebase. They can be used on mood boards etc along with Pantone an invaluable source of the trending colours and more, I am into pastels big time, lol.

I print off these images and just look at them for inspiration, colour matches and combinations.

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Will be back next week


  1. Lovely make- oh and the name :p have a great coffee catchup! Love pastels - having a pastel theme for my wedding (thinking blue and peach/pink) :) xx

  2. Have you looked at Design Seeds? It's a lovely online source for colour palette inspiration. I have been known to ask for wall paper samples occasionally when I really like the colour/pattern!

  3. Your bags look fabulous, I'm sure she will like them.

  4. There is always so much prettiness to see on your blog , I love this colour inspirations.

  5. Hi Caroline, just checking out your site after you responded to my post in bath bomb forum. I love your work. Look forward to reading your future blogs. Have a great week. Adelyn xxx

  6. Beautiful colours and fabric:)


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