Sunday, 17 April 2016

Eye Glass cases, New Fabric, Display and future projects.

Welcome to another Handmade Monday. I have finished all the Birthday cards for friends and relatives for 2016. Will post images once the Birthday is past, now starting on Christmas gifts and cards. 

I have been accepted into the Home and Vintage fairs this year, so happy as feel a better fit for me than a craft fair:

17th Sept - Grayswood Village Hall

29th Oct - Guildford Cathedral

10th Dec - Grayswood Village Hall

This leaves me free on the 26th Nov for our local Christmas Fair, always say every year will never not do as have been attending for about 25 Years on and off and am now part of the fixtures and fittings.

Okay onto other makes this week, met up with Jenny for coffee and a chat last Wednesday, she loved her slip cases and also wanted to see some eye glass cases. Made these last Monday and happy with how they turned out. all sold out now so will have to make some more.

Had to wait for Lee having a hair cut on Wednesday and wandered up to the new Pins and Needles shop in the village. The window was so inviting and a length of fabric just spoke to me to be bought. Now did I need said fabric? No! but in my colour scheme currently using and bought it was.

The shop is fantastic Fiona the owner made me so welcome and I found her really helpful. Did not have time to browse the rest of the fabric in the back room but will be going back, this time on my own. Colour palette used:

Have made another rose applique bag with the fabric, just love it

Gold tone frame clutch bag & Tissue Case

New display boxes, saw these online and had to get 2 sets along with a larger square box. These will be perfect for the Home and Vintage fair.

Bought a lace tablecloth to go over the base cloth. Just have to decide whether to change that colour from taupe to duck egg as well. Plus saw some rose fairy lights and yup you guessed it got had to buy, lol.

Been approached by Haute Handbags to submit another make for the Fall 2016 issue. The fabric will be natural with a hint of gold and the colour scheme:

Warm colours and to me speak of Autumn leaves, crisp days and hot chocolate with marshmallows and sprinkles. In fact not unlike how cold it has got this weekend.

Considering blogging on a Friday but more in the form of a catalogue of the new makes from that week. Not so much text just description, prices and a link to my website. Each image will also be named rather than the jpeg camera generated number. Got a heads up this week that google favours blogger images (blogger is a google tool) and in particular those that are named.  Will let you know after a couple of months if works or not but worth a go.

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That's all for this week, stay warm and have fun


  1. Your glasses cases are so elegant, I really love how your vintage line is developing.

  2. The sheer amount of beautiful things you seem to manage to make every week never fails to amaze me!

  3. Love your makes- top notch! Good luck with the fairs xx

  4. Loving all your items, everything is so pretty.
    I agree about naming your pics, I've had sales as a direct result of a pic being found on google images. If you hover your mouse over a pic it should show you (in the bottom of your screen) what google can see, if you name your pic 'pink bag' etc it works like a tag. :)

  5. I'm always impressed with how you create these beautiful vintage style pieces. Elegant is exactly what I was thinking too!

  6. What lovely work. Guildford Cathedral sounds rather exciting.

  7. Your so talented. What lovely makes. I bet it will feel weird being the other side of the table at the craft fair! I've been meaning to name all my photos, you have inspired me to get on with it! Xx


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