Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Organising work spaces

Intending to have a mass sort out of my sewing room and work room, oh and did tackle the office the other day. Taking an age as so much 'stuff' has accumulated over the past 27 years since we moved into this house. Will be having a table top sale at some point as craft items that I have not used, not likely to use and did not know why I bought them in the first place. 

On the subject of tidying I follow the S.P.A.C.E acronym by Julie Morgenstern, she has written several helpful books on the subject.

Julie's Organizing Formula
  • Sort: Identify what's important to you and group similar items.
  • Purge: Decide what you can live without and get rid of it (e.g. donations, sales, storage, garbage).
  • Assign: Decide where the items you keep will go. Remember, make it logical, accessible and safe.
  • Containerize: Make sure they're sturdy, easy to handle, the right size, and that they look good. The art of containerizing is to do it last, not first.
  • Equalize: Spend 15 minutes a day to maintain what you've done.

    I so agree with Julie's part about buying storage after the sort as so often you can end up spending £'s on storage that does not work. Hard to do though as the first thought is something to put the supplies into.

Not sure about the 15 mins a day but could work once all done. the problem is have 3 rooms, office which is shared with DH, his desk is pristine, mine? well? The sewing room which should be purely for textiles with all my machines and the workroom which is for other craft, paper, candles etc. Tbh they are both in a creative mess. I search for items I know I have but spend so long looking for said items, then along the way get distracted  by other goodies found and not lost, lol

These 2 quotes sum my state up well:

I think most creative types are messy as that also follows the pattern of my brain, like a butterfly flitting from one idea to the next, thinking ahead, ideas and journals full of ideas from over the past 30+ years. Will let you know how I get on but could be several months before an update and pictures of the new tidy and organised rooms.

Colours, I have a thing about colours as mentioned last week so thought would add a colour block with an image each week. Love macaroons and thought these colours are rather special:

For me still in the vintage colour bracket and perfect for the Autumn.

This is the Wednesday PCG Blog Tour bus

Professional Crafters Guild 'This is my business not a hobby'. Invaluable resources for those of us in business, with insurance and registered with the HMRC.

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  1. Look forward to seeing how you manage to organise your work spaces. I'm not sure if you saw recently, but I posted a blog post about my "tidied" office/craft room - it's not perfect but seems to be working, however I definitely agree with the "Space" theory!! Good luck, love Laura xxx


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