Sunday, 26 April 2015

A week of disruptions

A funny week, the weather turned colder and with no heating spent some of the time wrapped in a quilt on the sofa. Still played catch up on a few box sets. 

Lee's Birthday on Tuesday, he turned 60 an is not happy, I did try to explain to him only a number and in 1 day he has not grown up from a 12 year old, by Wednesday he was back to normal.

Wednesday the gas man arrived, the boiler fitted and the house is now toasty. Got a lesson how to use the Hive, as the same as iCal and my iPhone quite easy.

Thursday I was in agony as had spent Wednesday making up a flat packed chest of drawers for my workroom. I ache in muscles I did not know I had and staggered around as if I was 80. Getting in and out of a chair was the worse.

Heard back from Haute Handbags and have sent 3 of my silk evening bags off to California for consideration into the fall issue. Chose these because very light for postal costs but do think they are different, I hope. Just keeping fingers and toes crossed now they select my bags, should hear I think by the end of May.

All packed up and ready for the off

Friday back to sewing and making up the mobile phone bags, these may be simple but hope my customers like them.

Even managed a couple of Kindle bags.

This is the distraction from my sewing room window, I just love the colour and can look at the blossom and dream...... back to sewing.

In all it's glory

Got to sit and plan for next week now, thinking cap on.

My big Sis suggested that as my website has themed rooms I should have a section for Summer Holidays, not a bad idea and have done the changes.

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See you next week


  1. Good luck with your bags, hope they get accepted.
    Love the image on the phone bags xx

  2. Good luck on your bags being featured, the end of May seems such a long time away but I'm sure it will fly by. I love the simple fabrics for the phone and kindle bags.
    The blossom is beautiful, it's a pity it doesn't last longer, a few twigs with the flowers on would look lovely as a photo prop.

  3. Sorry that you had a rough week. Hope next week will run more smoothly. I'm sure your bags will be excepted they are so nice.

  4. I've got my fingers crossed for your bags being selected! California is a long way for them to travel! I hope you are feeling a little less achy now after your furniture building :)

  5. Sounds like you had a pretty busy week. I wish you luck with your beautiful bags, I love the white one. The blossom on your tree is so gorgeous and makes a perfect view from your sewing room window :)

  6. Beautiful blossom! Its such a lovely time of year to enjoy the outdoors isn't it. I love the design of your phone and kindle cases :) x

  7. Wow, that blossom tree is just gorgeous, now we just need a heavy downpour and strong winds and your garden will look like it's been snowing! Fingers crossed for the bags, they look beautiful.

  8. Ooh i hope you're feeling better now! They say flat packed furniture is easy but it ain't so easy on the body!
    Beautiful phone and kindle cases! You're so creative!

  9. I always love looking at the things you've made :) Good luck with the bags xx

  10. Good luck with the bags, they are very beautiful

  11. Beautiful photos. Love the mobile and kindle bags, so different. Creative Blessings, Tracy x

  12. Very pretty colours in the bags, good luck with getting them featured in the magazine!

  13. love the bags- good luck! hate having one of those weeks- cherry blossoms always cheer me up (parents have one) :)


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