Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A Violet Death

I love to read and love books, whilst I do read iBooks nothing like a proper book to open, something to hold onto and the anticipation on starting the first chapter. Talking to my sister she also has a love of books and think this must have come from our Mother and Grandmother alike. Any way the reason for this subject is a few weeks ago I bought the new Joanna Sheen and Julia Wherrell book 'A Violet Death'. Having read their first publication 'A Sticky End' love their style of writing. Very English, very country and very me.

Sat down in the shade in the pergola and opened the first page of A Violet Death, by the end of said page I was in stitches. Chortling aloud so that my husband thought I had lost the plot, the two paragraphs in question go like this:

Victoria shivered and quickly rinsing the conditioner from her hair, reached for the bath plug chain and pulled, nothing happened. Muttering, she hauled herself to a squatting position and tugged with all her might. The chain broke and it and the metal plug, shot out of the water and sailed over Victoria's head. As she fell backwards she heard a crash of shattered glass as the plug made its way through the window and down into the garden.

Her collapse back into the bath created a large tidal wave which rolled from the tap end towards her, slapping her full in the face before cascading impressively over the end of the bath and soaking the bathroom floor.

Now I know we have all been there and done things that sometimes beggar belief that we could be so clumsy, hence why I love the writing style of Joanna and Julia. Down to earth and coming up with ideas that we can all relate to.

Needless to say have finished the book as could hardly put it down and an excellent read if you want a light hearted mystery for the holidays.

I hope to add more book reviews as I plough through my extensive library giving you a taste of what lies between the covers.

Forgot to say I bought the signed editions as think this makes them more special

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  1. Sounds like something I would like....I think I will download this on my nook. Thanks for sharing Caroline!


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