Sunday, 19 April 2015

A week of highs and lows

Well this week has been good at times, bad and then better again. The first high finished my 'Event Overtop' in the sewing print, adding a shop sign with the company name on the left shoulder. Found these cute thread spool buttons to finish off.

Next a new handbag for myself, been meaning to make one for ages and just love this Paris rose print. Still to make a wallet purse hopefully next week, as every time I open my purse half the change falls out. Then I have to be undignified and scrabble on the floor searching for coinage.

A Low:

Our boiler has finally given up the ghost after 26 years, so in one way done us a good service. Deemed unsafe so currently the gas is off and what happens? the temperature drops. New one ordered and work starting on Wednesday. Could have been Monday but Lee's Birthday on Tuesday and as may overlap into 2 days he put his foot down.

Then more highs:

After being selected as one of the top pins in the Stampington National Craft Month got an email from the managing editor of Haute Handbags (one of the Stampington publications), to ask if I would like to submit an editorial and 2 of my clutch bags pinned, for consideration to appear in the Fall copy of the magazine. Well not going to refuse just waiting for what sort of information they require and types of photos etc.

Onto making, have got a few things done and the first are camera bags. Now these are not for those highfalutin' cameras with all the lenses etc reserved for the pro's. This is for the modest camera that most of use, my Panasonic fits nicely inside and easier to carry around. Padded for protection.

Not made a great deal this week, more in the planning stages but do have several new lines in the wings involving mobile phones, embroidery scissors and Amelia Rose addition.

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Have a good week and take care folks


  1. Oh those little camera bags are adorable! I'm sorry to hear about the boiler.. i hope its all sorted soon x

    1. It was time for the boiler to go, has done us well

  2. Looks like you've had a really busy week! The camera cases are gorgeous! Sorry to hear about the boiler but it sounds like it was time for it to retire :) x

  3. Oh dear - ups and downs. Not much fun not having heat. I do like the material you have used for your top, and the cute buttons. Love the little camera bags too.

  4. Congratulations for your achievement of being a top pinner! You deserve it :)
    I always love seeing your creations and am particularly fond of those little camera bags!

  5. What a great top for wearing at events and craft fairs, I love the shop logo, it looks really professional.


  6. I love your overtop, it will definitely make you stand out in the crowd.

  7. The camera bags are gorgeous:) enjoy the new boiler:)


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