Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter

Where has this week gone? Got confused by days as Waitrose delivery Thursday normally Friday, Record Fair on Friday normally Sunday, had to stop and think what day it actually was  then panic as Sunday and Handmade Monday blogging day.

Still in the middle of my stock take, got so confused at one point have had to restart, grrrrr!!!!! so annoying but determined to finish today and clear the boxes out of my sewing room to the store room. I need my space.... plus bought some lovely sewing themed fabric to make myself an over top for craft events, along with some pale pink trousers. Plan to put the company name on the over top inside what looks like a shop sign, so swish and exciting. I know little things please me.

Well not much in the making front this week but have made 6 little chevron purses in the hoop, so pretty when done and the fact the machine even puts the zips in for me, even better.

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  1. Such cute little purses- i love the shape!

  2. They are really cute purses. I love the idea of a top with your shop name on - I have a t-shirt with my logo on to wear for fairs.

  3. they look fantastic hun- good luck with the stock take! I thought yesterday was wednesday so im also off on the days x

  4. Lovely Purses, good luck with the stock take, I've been putting mine off for weeks.....

  5. Isn't it funny how a bank holiday seems to put our internal calendar out of sync! The purses are so sweet and just right for this time of year


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