Sunday, 3 May 2015

Summer Holidays and beyond

Had our first coffee morning with the local Women Only Connected online networking site, it went so well and have booked for next month, same time, same place. Although small on this occasion in some ways that was better as we have started with a good grounding to the group. We decided to make the meetings informal but with the time to chat to the members and find out what they do. If you would like to know more take a look at the website. Free to join and advertise the only stipulation you have to be a woman.

Jenny Wagstaff who set up the site is friendly, approachable and helpful. Hopefully Jenny will be at the next Forest Lodge coffee morning being held on the 27th May, in the coffee lounge, just follow the Endeavour explorer footprints on the floor and look for a pink flower.

Summer Holidays

Another addition to the theme, this time water bottle holders with a strap that can go across the body, round the neck or on the shoulder. A fresh bottle of water handy at all times. The lining is of an insulating material to keep the water cool, roomy enough to add a small gel ice pack. Embroidered with a Spa label.

Rose Quilt Tote Bag

Back to embroidery with a girlie feel and a rose quilt block design, stitched onto peach shadow cotton and pieced together. Have only panelled the front, the back is plain, so pretty for the summer.

Embroidery/Small Scissor Holders.

Made one of these for my sister's Birthday and then got an order form her sewing group for 2 to keep for gifts. They have both been embroidered with an initial and using the last of my elephant print. Having the cord to hang round your neck is so handy as I am constantly losing my scissors when sewing.

Birthday Card

Another card winging it's way to Lee's second cousin and again remembered to take a photo, I am getting good, lol.

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  1. I do like the rose quilt tote!

  2. The little water bottle bags are a great idea! Especially if you want to travel light and keep your hands free.

  3. So many lovely things as always! I especially love the water bottle holders, what a fun idea :) x

  4. I love the scissor keepers, so pretty. Do you get sad when you finally use the last of a fabric? I tend to keep those scraps and never use them which I know doesn't make any sense!

  5. I love the scissor keepers! So pretty! I'm always losing mine.

  6. Wow, what a lot of lovely creations! I especially love the water bottle, so shabby chic xx

  7. Water bottle holder is a great idea but im sure the scissor holder would be very popular! Those pesky scissors always disappear, whether its into my lap, into the sofa or I usually find im sitting on them!

  8. Some lovely makes here. I especially like the little holder for the scissors and useful too :)

  9. I think the water bottle holder is an amazing idea - I'm always attempting to stuff one into my bag (not always successfully). I really must dedicate some time to the Women only connected website.


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