Monday, 26 July 2010

The Lavender Collection

Show and Tell Monday with Make Mine Pink

The Lavender Collection

A timeless classic, lavender has been much maligned as being old fashioned but I think due for a big revival, with memories of summer and the sound of bees, what could be more perfect. This poem by Nancy Ellen Crossland sums up a true picture of Lavender


The sun winks between the valley's horizon
Ending its day;
Now twilight replaces golden skies
With its lavender array,

Before purple veils cover the ending day
With its lingering stay,
Lavender whispers in valleys of grey;
Nature's paintbrush with each stroke
A glorious scene
It will evoke,

To linger within this lavender valley;
To inhale the scents of evening,
I will release every thought of the day
Oh yes,
I would gladly stay!

Nancy Ellen Crossland
7/01/2010 USA

Picture courtesy of the BBC Lavender field in Provence

which leads me to my latest designs:

The Lavender Collection

A door stop, door sachet and clothes sachet, all scented with lavender


  1. Hi Caroline, I love your new Lavender collection. Soooo pretty:) I also love the new look of your blog. Its great! I changed mine this week too:)
    Have a great week and happy creating. (()) gail

  2. Caroline

    Lavender has been one of my favorite scents for many years, so relaxing.

    Thanks for sharing those beautiful purple flowers with us.

    Have a wonderful week.

  3. Looks great Caroline, wish I could sniff through my computer screen :)

  4. Carol your new line is gorgeous! I love the picture too! BTW, Lavender is one of my best selling scents!


  5. Hi Caroline,

    I adore lavender. I also have lavender sachets. It really is such a wonderful scent and so calming too. Your blog looks pretty. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the sweet comment.Hope you are doing great and hope you have a fun week ahead.
    Janet's Creative Pillows

  6. I love lavender, have lavender a candle burning right now and the smell is gorgeous.

    Lovely collection Caroline

    Like your blog background too


  7. I love the new collection for your lavender things. I have lots of lavender that I buy and love making things with it. It is so soothing and is suppose to be good for headaches too. My favorite color just happens to be purple so go figure I love it huh ? Kath'


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