Monday, 2 August 2010

Spare a Thought

Show and Tell Monday with Make Mine Pink

Spare a Thought

Those of my online friends that know me, know that my MIL moved into a nursing home in early July, she has dementia along with a physical disability that dictates she needs 24 hour care.
She is happy in the home and has settled in well.

The point of this blog post is about dreams and aspirations regardless of your age, dreams you have had, have and hope to have in the future.

On a visit to a local garden centre the other day I purchased my coffee and went to find a quiet table, I passed an elderly lady sitting on her own, quite happy with her pot of tea, I acknowledged her and smiled (a smile costs nothing), her face lit up and her reaction really touched me.

A while later a group of young women probably in their 20's/30's arrived with children from babes in arms to about 4/5 years old. Their reaction to this lady was totally different, they looked at her, she smiled and they chose to ignore her, no expression, no acknowledgment, she carried on with her tea, after a while the children seemed drawn to her and chatted quite easily, oblivious of her age.

This made me think even more that some of our current society so often sweeps older people under the carpet and feels that they no longer have anything worth while to contribute. On returning to the home to collect DH I looked at the residents with renewed light and saw their faces light up at a smile and also on the entrance of a visitor in the hopes that it may be for them or just a familiar face. In a society where some people seem to think they are the only ones worthwhile, to just stop, think and spare a thought that everyone, however old still have feelings, still have dreams, the latter may never be filled due to the race of time but they are entitled to acknowledgment. One day we will too be old (in my case now 52, nearer than I would like) and I too hope that I will get a smile from a stranger whilst enjoying a cup of tea.

With this post in mind I am doing a give-away of a rose scented door sachet, In shabby Chic Style, shades of pink with a cup of tea, hand appliqued on the front and the wording 'Dream' embroidered, this sachet measures approx approx 8" X 6" with a ribbon for hanging.
(Will ship to the US)

Closing date for your chance to win is Thursday 5th August, will be shipped on Friday 6th.

Just leave a comment for your chance to win.


  1. Caroline, what a lovely post! It Is all to easy to ignore people and dismiss them without a second thought. I'm with you, a smile costs nothing and can brighten someones day - a smile from someone shows that you are a person, that you are not invisible. I think old people get overlooked and as you say, we will be old ourselves one day. Treat people as you yourself wish to be treated.

    I hope your MIL has settled in now, and that she is being well looked after xx

  2. Caroline, your post was beautiful and I agress so much. I went through this with my Mom in a nursing home. I just love listening to stories of the older folks. I always have. I work in a customer service job now and it can be quite sad to hear how people can be these days. Very well written. Words to start a new week by:)
    I love the sachet pillow. Its adorable! Have a pretty week...SMiLe :)
    (()) gail

  3. Oh unfortunately you are quite right! I always treat people the way I'd like to be treated, no matter age, color, etc... just what mama taught right? Bless your MIL!


  4. It is often easy to think that the little old lady fumbling about in the supermarket queue was born like that.

    They were young once, just like us all with hopes, dreams, ambitions, loves, disappointments just like the rest of us.

    They often have so many words of wisdom to share and often have a wicked sense of humour.

    It costs nothing to have a little chat whilst in the supermarket queue - try it you may just enjoy it

  5. Lovely post Caroline - it doesn't cost anything to smile and may just brighten some ones day.

  6. one of the things that I notice now, at age 62, is that I dont feel old on the inside, and I often wonder if thats the case with even older people, say 70s and 80s, that they look old on the outside but maybe still feel young on the inside. and they have so much to tell to those who can be bothered to take the time to listen. thanks for drawing this to our attention, have a happy day,
    love joy xx

  7. Caroline, that was a lovely post.
    I think I agree with Polly, in treat yourself as you wish to be treated.
    I think from working in elderly care for 5 years, I have seen that it is those little things like a smile, a little chat that are so important. Conversation and a little bit of time costs nothing, and if it brightens that persons day then it is more than worth it.

  8. What a lovely uplifting post, a smile is priceless but costs you nothing :0)

  9. Caroline

    What a beautiful post and a lovely give-a-way.

  10. Caroline, your post is beautiful, though sad and thought provoking. Thank you for sharing your heart with us, it gives us ladies something to think about. I've always tried to go out of my way to speak and smile to our older people, and they just love it, they just love it when people acknowledge them and pay attention to them. I think they are beautiful and wise!

  11. Hi Caroline,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! What a beautiful post. It is touching and has so many messages/learning along with it.

    Pei Li

  12. I suppose we should all remember we will be that age too sometime!

    All people should be treated with respect and dignity x

  13. Caroline,
    What a beautiful post! You are so right about a smile not costing a thing. You never know what a simple smile or Hello can mean to someone. Your sachet is very pretty!

    Have a nice week!
    Shabby Shan's Cottage

  14. What a pretty pillow and what a great thought~ Sharon@C'estChouetteHome

  15. A lovely post too!
    A smile is free, and you are so right in your post!

  16. Caroline,
    I can only agree with what have already been said, you are absolutely right....a smile can brighten the day for someone and cost nothing!

    Congrats, Gail to the lovely sachet!

    ♥♥♥ Helene

  17. Caroline, what a beautiful post.
    There is not much to add to what has already been said, but just agree that time is so short and most of don't get to fulfill all our dreams in the time that is alloted us.

    Your description of the lady at tea made me smile and brought tears to my eyes at the same time. It is so sad that so often our elderly are made to feel as if they are used up and no longer needed.

    Thank you for the post.

    And congrats Gail on winning the sachet pillow.

    Olivia Paige


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