Monday, 19 July 2010

What is a Friend?

What is a definition of a Friend to you?

This is the definition from the English Oxford Dictionary:




  • 1 a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations
  • (used as a polite form of address or in ironic reference) an acquaintance or a stranger one comes across:my friends, let me introduce myself
  • (one's friends) archaicone's close relatives
  • a person who supports a cause, organization, or country by giving financial or other help:the Friends of the Welsh National Opera
  • a person who is not an enemy or opponent; an ally:she was unsure whether he was friend or foe
  • 2 (Friend)a member of the Religious Society of Friends; a Quaker


[with object] archaic
  • befriend (someone)
  • [no object] (friend with) black Englishhave a sexual relationship with:the woman got married and you still used to friend with she?
  • add (someone) to a list of contacts associated with a social networking website:I am friended by 29 people who I have not friended back

  • Phrases
  • be (or make) friends with

    be (or become) on good or affectionate terms with

    be no friend of (or to)

    show no support or sympathy for

    a friend at court

    a person in a position to use their influence on one's behalf

    a friend in need is a friend indeed

    proverba person who helps at a difficult time is a person who you can really rely on

    friends in high places

    people in senior positions who are able and willing to use their influence on one's behalf

    my honourable friend

    Britishused to address or refer to another member of one's own party in the House of Commons

    my learned friend

    used by a barrister or solicitor in court to address or refer to another barrister or solicitor

    my noble friend

    Britishused to address or refer to another member of one's own party in the House of Lords

    my Right Honourable friend

    Britishused to address or refer to another member of one's own party in the House of Commons who is also a privy counsellor

Old English frēond, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch vriend and German Freund, from an Indo-European root meaning 'to love', shared by free

I was thinking, in a quiet moment, what does a Friend mean to me and what type of Friend am I? I must admit to not having many friend's, I have a lot of acquaintances (slight knowledge of friendship) but a few very good friends whom I can rely on in times of need, are always there to listen and help. These good friends are online, from school (many moons ago) an ex work colleague (BFF) and of course my DH, Lee, the latter I consider a best friend.

What do I expect from a friend, nothing, just to be there and support me.

What am I like as a friend, fiercely loyal, always there to listen or lend a helping hand. I have learned through the years that friends come and friends go, the ones that remain are the true friends, accept your foibles with grace as you accept theirs. Found this poem and thinks it sums up a friend to a tee:

The Beauty of Friendship

Friendship is a Priceless Gift,
It cannot be bought or sold;
But its value is far greater,

Than a mountain made of Gold.
For gold is cold and lifeless,

It can neither see nor hear;
And in the time of trouble,
It is powerless to cheer.
It has no ears to listen,
Nor heart to understand.
It cannot bring you comfort,
Or reach out a helping hand.

So when you ask God for a gift,
Be thankful if He sends.......
Not diamonds, pearls or riches,

But the Love of Real True Friends.

by Helen Steiner Rice

Have a good week Pink Friends
Caroline x


  1. Caroline

    This is an absolutely beautiful post, I loved it.

    Your friend, Lisa

  2. Caroline,

    What a lovely and thought provoking post. And a wonderful way to start the week.

    Olivia Paige

  3. Thanks for sharing the story about friends and the poem. I really enjoyed it. I think they say that everyone can probably count their true friends that do anything and everything for them on one hand.
    Have a wonderful day Kath'


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