Sunday, 7 October 2018

October, Halloween, Autumn and tidying

Who celebrates Halloween? must admit something that has always past me by but hard with all my friends in the US getting into the spirit of the ghouls and ghosties. Did make some rosettes one year but no sales, so conclusion is not something we do in the UK.

My DH and I have been married 39 years last week on the 29th September. The house is testimony to the years we have spent together. In other words clutter. We were very good and cleared the large attic earlier on this year, nothing goes up there now and only use the small attic over the utility room. However, have said we will empty in the new year and double check what is up there as a new kettle and toaster may mean old boxes! The plan is to combine my workroom and sewing room in the main part of the house, which is warmer and not so lonely. To do that have got to downsize and declutter. The house is groaning at the seams and I spend so long looking for an item and as mentioned before get diverted as find something else. So bought a new book:

Have read good reviews of this method and thought got to give it a go. so far instead of slow and steady and doing peace meal the recommendation is do at once. Not sure with the amount of clutter I have that that will be possible, or that my body would cope!!! will keep you informed.

On the making front, been a bit slow to restart but made some more Face Scrubbies and some Flower Ballerina door pillows with matching cards. Will be selling as a set. Love the card I found online so pretty.

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